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U.S. Geological Survey
Open-File Report 2006-1180
Version 1.0

Digital Single-Channel Seismic-Reflection Data from Western Santa Monica Basin


William R. Normark1, David J.W. Piper2, Ray W. Sliter1, Peter Triezenberg1, Christina E. Gutmacher1


1U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, CA 94025
2Geological Survey of Canada, Atlantic Division, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


During a collaborative project in 1992, Geological Survey of Canada and United States Geological Survey scientists obtained about 850 line-km of high-quality single-channel boomer and sleeve-gun seismic-reflection profiles across Hueneme, Mugu and Dume submarine fans, Santa Monica Basin, off southern California. The goals of this work were to better understand the processes that lead to the formation of sandy submarine fans and the role of sea-level changes in controlling fan development.

This report includes a trackline map of the area surveyed, as well as images of the sleeve-gun profiles and the opportunity to download both images and digital data files (SEG-Y) of all the sleeve-gun profiles.

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