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U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2010-1099

In Cooperation with the National Science Foundation, San Francisco State University and Stanford University, the California Academy of Sciences, and University of California Santa Cruz

Proceedings of the 25th Himalaya-Karakoram-Tibet Workshop

Edited by Mary L. Leech, Simon L. Klemperer, and Walter D. Mooney


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For a quarter of a century the Himalayan-Karakoram-Tibet (HKT) Workshop has provided scientists studying the India-Asia collision system a wonderful opportunity for workshop-style discussion with colleagues working in this region. In 2010, HKT returns to North America for the first time since 1996. The 25th international workshop is held from June 7 to10 at San Francisco State University, California.

The international community was invited to contribute scientific papers to the workshop, on all aspects of geoscience research in the geographic area of the Tibetan Plateau and its bounding ranges and basins, from basic mapping to geochemical and isotopic analyses to large-scale geophysical imaging experiments. In recognition of the involvement of U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) scientists in a wide range of these activities, the USGS agreed to publish the extended abstracts of the numerous components of HKT-25 as an online Open-File Report, thereby ensuring the wide availability and distribution of these abstracts, particularly in the HKT countries from which many active workers are precluded by cost from attending international meetings.

In addition to the workshop characterized by contributed presentations, participants were invited to attend a pre-meeting field trip from the Coast Ranges to the Sierra Nevada, to allow the international group to consider how the tectonic elements of the Pacific margin compare to those of the Himalayan belt. Following the workshop, the National Science Foundation (NSF) sponsored a workshop on the “Future directions for NSF-sponsored geoscience research in the Himalaya/Tibet” intended to provide NSF Program Directors with a clear statement and vision of community goals for the future, including the scientific progress we can expect if NSF continues its support of projects in this geographic region, and to identify which key geoscience problems and processes are best addressed in the Himalaya and Tibet, what key datasets are needed, and how NSF can best support the evolving need for interdisciplinary investigations.

This workshop also has clear societal relevance. Recent earthquakes have brought international attention to active tectonics and earthquake hazards in the HKT region. Prominent examples include the Mw 7.8 Kokoxili (Qinghai, China) earthquake of 2001, the Mw 7.6 Kashmir (Pakistan) earthquake of 2005, the Mw 7.9 Wenchuan (Sichuan, China) earthquake of 2008, and this year the Mw 6.9 Yushu (Qinghai, China) earthquake. Geological and geophysical field work conducted both before these earthquakes, as well as in response to them, has helped to define the active faults and regional tectonics in the HKT region. The research presented at this workshop provides the framework necessary for improved seismic hazard assessments in this region.

The organizers gratefully acknowledge the support of NSF’s Continental Dynamics Program and its Office of International Science and Engineering, through award EAR-0965796. We thank San Francisco State University's Sheldon Axler, Dean of the College of Science and Engineering, and Toby Garfield, Director of the Romberg Tiburon Center, for use of their conference facilities; and the Department of Geosciences, particularly Deb Shulman and Miriam Knof, for administrative support. The California Academy of Sciences generously hosted a reception for visiting delegates, and Brad Ritts (Chevron Exploration Technology Company), Todd Greene (California State University, Chico) and John Shervais (Utah State University) together co-led the pre-conference field trip. Technical editing of this volume was led by Roxanne Renedo (U.S. Geological Survey) with assistance from Margaret Milia (Stanford University). We are grateful to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Earthquake Hazards Program and the USGS Menlo Park (California) Publishing Service Center for making this online report possible.

Organizing Committee, HKT-25

Mary Leech, San Francisco State University; Simon Klemperer, Stanford University; Walter Mooney, U.S. Geological Survey; Brad Ritts, Exploration Technology Company; Marty Grove, Stanford University; Xixi Zhao, University of California, Santa Cruz

Organizing Committee, NSF Workshop

Simon Klemperer, Stanford University; Mary Leech, San Francisco State University; Anne Meltzer, Lehigh University; Lucy Flesch, Purdue University; Carmala Garzione, University of Rochester; Kip Hodges, Arizona State University; Eric Kirby, Penn State

Last modified January 22, 2011
First posted June 2, 2010

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Suggested citation:

Leech, Mary L., Klemperer, Simon L., and Mooney, Walter D., eds., 2010, Proceedings of the 25th Himalaya-Karakoram-Tibet Workshop: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2010-1099.


Preface to Proceedings of the 25th Himalaya-Karakoram-Tibet Workshop, by Mary L. Leech, Simon L. Klemperer, and Walter D. Mooney

Historical (<2000 B.P.) and Recent Glacier Fluctuations in the Inner Himalaya (North of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Himalaya), by Hermann Achenbach

Landscape Evolution of the Bhutan Himalaya — Insights from Tectonic Geomorphology and Low-Temperature Thermochronology, by Byron A. Adams, Matthijs C. van Soest, Kip V. Hodges, Kelin X. Whipple, and Arjun Heimsath

Testing Earthquake Nucleation Models from the Response of Himalayan Seismicity to Secular and Periodic Stress Variations, by Thomas Ader, Jean-Philippe Avouac, and Sachiko Tanaka

Shear-Velocity Profiles Across the Tibetan Plateau from Broadband, Surface-Wave, Phase-Velocity Measurements, by Matthew R. Agius, and Sergei Lebedev

Geochemical and Isotopic Constraints on the Nature of the Indus and Shyok Suture Zones, Remnants of the Neo-Tethyan Ocean in the Trans-Himalayan Region, by Talat Ahmad

Structural Analysis of Swat and the Surrounding Peshawar Basin, North Pakistan: Application of GIS and Remote Sensing, by Irshad Ahmad, Joseph A. DiPietro, Shuhab D. Khan, and Noor Jehan

Clockwise Rotation and Tilting in the Tethyan Himalaya of SE Tibet Deduced from Paleomagnetic data: Implications for the Miocene Tectonic Evolution of the NE Himalaya, by Borja Antolín, Erwin Appel, Richard Gloaguen, István Dunkl, Chiara Montomoli, Lin Ding, Ursina Liebke, and Qiang Xu

Organic Matter Studies for Hydrocarbon Generation in the Argillaceous Sediments of the Ladakh Himalaya, India, by A.K. Awasthi, M.K. Moezabadi, A.K. Jain, and S. Singh

Timing of Earliest India-Asia Contact: Evidence of Terrestrial Vertebrates from Cambay Shale, Gujarat, Western Peninsular India, by Sunil Bajpai

Thinning of Glaciers in the Khumbu Himal from 1955 to 2008, by Adam D. Barker and Bernard Hallet

Himalayan-Tibetan Orogeny: Channel Flow versus (Critical) Wedge Models, a False Dichotomy?, by Christopher Beaumont and Rebecca Jamieson

Petrology and geochemistry of the Xiugugabu ophiolitic massif, western Yarlung Zangbo Suture Zone, Tibet, by Rachel Bezard, Réjean Hébert, Chengshan Wang, Jaroslav Dostal, and Jingen Dai

Geodesy and Great Earthquakes in the Himalaya, by Roger Bilham

A New Quaternary Strand of the Karakoram Fault System, Ladakh Himalayas, by Wendy M. Bohon, Kip V. Hodges, J Ramon Arrowsmith, and Alka K. Tripathy

Simultaneous Earthquake Pulses along the Main Himalayan Thrust, by Laurent Bollinger, Dili Ram Tiwari, Sudhir Rajaure, Soma Nath Sapkota, and Jean-Phillipe Avouac

The INDEPTH Transect: Looking Back from Golmud to Yadong, by Larry D. Brown, Wenjin Zhao, and the Project INDEPTH Team

Receiver Function Imaging in the Western Himalaya, by Warren B. Caldwell, Simon L. Klemperer, Jesse F. Lawrence, and Shyam S. Rai

Seasonal Variations in Geodetic Strain Induced by Hydrological Surface Loading in the Himalaya and Implications for Shallow Elastic Structure of the Earth, by Kristel Chanard, Jean-Philippe Avouac, Takeo Ito, Jeff Genrich, John Galetzka, Mireille Flouzat, Som Nath Sapkota, and Bharat Koirala

The Golmud Step: New Details of the 15 km Moho Offset Between the Tibet Plateau and Qaidam Basin from INDEPTH IV Seismic Results, by Chen Chen, Larry Brown, Marianne Karplus, and Simon Klemperer

The Determination of Anisotropic Parameters from Wide-Angle Seismic Reflection Polarizations: A Model Study, by Jingyi Chen, Zhongjie Zhang, and José Badal

Fault Histories of the Northeastern Tibetan Plateau Margin: Geodynamic Implications of Far-Field Deformation During Continental Collision, by Marin K. Clark, Alison R. Duvall, Nora Lewandowski, Eric A. Hetland, Dewen Zheng, Richard O. Lease, William Craddock, Eric Kirby,and Zhicai Wang

Metamorphic History of the South Tibetan Detachment System, Mt. Everest Region, Revealed by RSCM Thermometry and Phase Equilibria Modeling, by John M. Cottle, David J. Waters, Olivier Beyssac, and Micah J. Jessup

Quaternary Slip History for the Central Altyn Tagh Fault Reveals Time-Varying Slip Rate, by Eric Cowgill, Ryan D. Gold, J. Ramon Arrowsmith, Xuanhua Chen, and Xiao-Feng Wang

Oligo-Miocene Basins in Central Tibet and Along the Indus Suture: Records of Plateau Evolution and Dynamics of Subducting Indian Continental Crust, by P.G. DeCelles, P. Kapp, J. Quade, G.E. Gehrels, and M. Murphy

Was There Pre-Collisional Metamorphism in Swat Pakistan?, by Joseph A. DiPietro and Alex Pullen

Muscovite, by Michael Doon, Djordje Grujic, Isabelle Coutand, and Nicholas Whynot

Superposed Folds in the Himalaya Indicating Late Stages of the Himalayan Orogeny: Implications for Seismicity, by Ashok Kumar Dubey

Tectono-Geomorphic and Climatic Controls on Landscape Development in the Lesser Himalaya, by C.S. Dubey, M. Tajbaksh, R. Marston, E.J. Catlos, Sandeep Singh, and M. Rogibala

Pleistocene-Holocene Climate Fluctuations and Fluvial Response in the Tectonically Active Yamuna Valley, North-Western Himalaya: Timescales and Source-to-Sink Interlinkage, by Sharat Dutta, N. Suresh, and Rohtash Kumar

Eocene Faulting in Northeastern Tibet: Insights from Coupled Low-Temperature Thermochronometry and Ar Dating of Fault Gouge along the West Qinling Fault, by Alison R. Duvall, Marin K. Clark, Ben van der Pluijm, and Chuanyou Li

Centrifuge Modelling Study of Contrasting Structural Styles in Salt Range and Potwar Plateau, Northern Pakistan, by Shah Faisal and John M. Dixon

Mid-Miocene Climate-Driven Rapid Erosion of the Northern Tibetan Plateau, by Xiaomin Fang, Chunhui Song, Weilin Zhang, Erwin Appel, Junping Gao, and Maodu Yan

Can Detrital Tourmaline Provide Stratigraphic Fingerprints? Initial Tests in the Western Himalaya, by Xuan Feng, A. Alexander G. Webb, and Darrell J. Henry

Present-Day Vertical Motion of the Tibetan Plateau and Surrounding Area, by Jeffrey T. Freymueller, Yuning Fu, Wang Qi, and Xu Caijun

Geometry and Slip Patterns of the Main Himalaya Thrust Fault in the India-Eurasia Collistion Zone Constrained by Geodetic Observations, by Yuning Fu, Jeffrey T. Freymueller, Caijun Xu, and Qi Wang

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Seismic Activity and Seismic Hazard Assessment along the Main Boundary Thrust, Northern Pakistan, by M. Qasim Jan and MonaLisa

Comparative Analysis of Economic Benefits and Adverse Environmental and Health Impacts of Asbestos Mining and Milling in Behram Dehri, District Charssada, Northern Pakistan, by Noor Jehan and Khalid Durrani

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When Did Shortening Cease Within the Tibetan plateau?, by Erchie Wang, Dalai Zhong, Jiwen Teng, and Eric Kirby

Releasing a Reservoir of Shallow Strain as a Possible Cause of the Catastropic Wenchuan Earthquake, China, by Qi Wang, Xuejun Qiao, Qigui Lan, Jeffrey Freymueller, Shaomin Yang, and Caijun Xu

Post-1991 Uttarkashi Earthquake Seismicity Pattern in the Garhwal Himalaya Region, by H.R. Wason

Testing Models for the Kinematic Evolution of the Lesser Himalayan Sequence by Balanced Reconstruction: Accretion Dominant in Northwestern India, by A. Alexander G. Webb and Hongjiao Yu

Regional Resistivity Structure of the Tibetan Plateau, by Wei Wenbo, Jin Sheng, Gaofeng Ye, Alan G. Menzel-Jones, Martyn J. Unsworth, and the INDEPTH MT Team

The Impact of Mesozoic Tectonism on Eastern Tibet Plateau Crustal Infrastructure: Implications for Plateau Evolution, by Amy L. Weislogel and Delores M. Robinson

The Himalayan Pile-Up: Revised Plate Reconstructions Provide Evidence of Multiple Accretion Events During the Himalayan Orogeny, by White and Gordon Lister

Apparent Temperature Gradient across the Lesser Himalayan Sequence: Raman Spectroscopy on Carbonaceous Material in the Eastern Bhutan Himalaya, by Nicholas Whynot, Djordje Grujic, Sean Long, and Nadine McQuarrie

Present-Day 3D Crustal Movement in the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau from GPS Data, by Caijun Xu and Kaihua Ding

Metamorphic and Structural Discontinuities in the Greater Himalayan Sequence, Karnali Valley, West Nepa, by Chris Yakymchuk and Laurent Godin

Rayleigh-Wave Phase Velocities and Azimuthal Anisotropy in Tibet and Surrounding Regions from Ambient Noise Tomography, by Yingjie Yang, Yong Zheng, and Michael H. Ritzwoller

Not Very Old but Not Too Young: Thermochronological Constraints on the Age of Low-Relief Surfaces in the Western Himalaya and Southeastern Tibet, by Peter K. Zeitler

Late Eocene Crustal Thickening Followed by Early-Late Oligocene Extension along the India-Asia Suture Zone: Evidence for Cyclicity in the Himalayan Orogen, by Ran Zhang, Michael A. Murphy, Thomas J. Lapen, Veronica Sanchez, and Matthew Heizler

The Uplift of Mountain Chains along the Northern and Eastern Margins of the Tibetan Plateau, by Peizhen Zhang

Magnetostratigraphy of Core SG-1 in the Western Qaidam Basin and its Tectonic-Environmental Implications, by Weilin Zhang, Erwin Appel, Xiaomin Fang, Chunhui Song, Sihu Hu, and Dongliang Liu

The Structure and Evolution of the Bangong-Nujiang Suture (Gaize, Central Tibet), by Yuxiu Zhang and Kaijun Zhang

Crustal Structure across the Qilian Orogenic Belt from In-line and Off-line Wide-angle Seismic Profiling in the North-eastern margin of Tibetan plateau, by Zhongjie Zhang, Xiaobo Tian, Zhiming Bai, Xi Zhang, Bing Zhao, Jianli Zhang, Shaokun Shi, Tao Xu, Yun Chen, and Jiwen Teng

New Paleomagnetic Result on Tertiary Sediments From NW Qiangtang: Implications for the Cenozoic Tectonic History of the Tibetan Plateau, by Xixi Zhao, David Finn, Chengshan Wang, Yalin Li, Lidong Zhu, Wenguang Yang, Jun Meng, and Jingen Dai

Post-Collisional Leucite Alnoite in South Tibet and its Significance, by S. Zhou, X.X. Mo, Z.D. Zhao, Y.L. Niu, G.G. Xie, L. Qiu, and K. Sun

Late Triassic Tectonic-Sedimentary Paleogeography of the Northern Qiangtang Basin, Tibet Plateau, Western China, by Tongxing Zhu, Dong Han, Cai Li, Xintao Feng, Zongliang Li, Yuanshan Yu, Canhai Jin, and Banguo Zhou

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