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I-1. Glaciers of Venezuela
By Carlos Schubert
I-2. Glaciers of Colombia
By Fabian Hoyos-Patiño
I-3. Glaciers of Ecuador
By Ekkehard Jordan and Stefan L. Hastenrath
I-4. Glaciers of Perú
By Benjamín Morales-Arnao
With sections on the Cordillera Blanca on Landsat imagery and Quelccaya Ice Cap
By Stefan L. Hastenrath
I-5. Glaciers of Bolivia
By Ekkehard Jordan
I-6. Glaciers of Chile and Argentina
By Louis lliboutry
Glaciers of the Dry Andes
By Louis Lliboutry
With a section on Rock glaciers
By Arturo E. Corte
Glaciers of the Wet Andes
By Louis Lliboutry

U.S. Geological Survey, U.S.Department of the Interior
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