Lake Pontchartrain Basin:  Bottom Sediments and Related Environmental Resources

Database Structure and Development (cont.)

Data Dictionary

The complete data dictionary (list of parameters and definitions) for the sediment database is provided in appendix A in "vertical" format. A sample, given below in table 4, is a special version of a master data dictionary maintained at the USGS Coastal and Marine Geology Center in Woods Hole, MA (; tel. 508-457-2289). Three alternative field names are provided, serving specific software or GIS requirements. The short field names from this data dictionary are the headings in eight separate tables in the full sediment database (appendix D). These tables can be linked through the unique sample ID:

1. Station data
2. Inorganic chemical data (including metals)
3. General organic data (including "total" PCB and PAH)
4. Specific organic data: PCBs and pesticides congeners
5. Specific organic data: PAH congeners
6. Specific organic data: aliphatic hydrocarbons (USEPA)
7. Miscellaneous organic compounds
8. Grain size (texture)

Table 4.  
Sample of Data Dictionary
2 UNIQUE_ID Unique Sample ID
7 LATITUDE Latitude (decimal)
23 SOUNDING_M Sounding (meters)

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Table 5. 
Sample of Station Data Table
536 LDEQ, 1989 30.023333
537 LDEQ, 1989 30.030000

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Table 6.  
Sample of Inorganic Table
536 58.5 33.32
537 107.6 56

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