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Scientific Investigations Reports

Many USGS reports on water resources are now being served online. Most publications located at this site and other USGS sites can be located by subject, author, date, USGS series or publication series number by using the reports and thematic maps electronic Publications Warehouse. The Publications Warehouse will eventually be taking the place of this page.



SIR2007-5144: Gasoline-Related Compounds in Lakes Mead and Mohave, Nevada, 2004–06, by Michael S. Lico and B. Thomas Johnson

SIR2007-5138: Estimated and Measured Traveltime for the Crow River Watershed, Minnesota, by Allan D. Arntson—ONLINE ONLY

SIR2007-5134: Simulated Effects of Projected 2010 Withdrawals on Ground-Water Flow and Water Levels in the New Jersey Coastal Plain—A Task of the New Jersey Water Supply Plan, 2006 Revision, by Alison D. Gordon

SIR2007-5113: Use of Chemical Analysis and Assays of Semipermeable Membrane Devices Extracts to Assess the Response of Bioavailable Organic Pollutants in Streams to Urbanization in Six Metropolitan Areas of the United States, by Wade L. Bryant, Steve L. Goodbred, Thomas L. Leiker, Laura Inouye, and B. Thomas Johnson

SIR2007-5111: A Graphical Method for Estimation of Barometric Efficiency from Continuous Data—Concepts and Application to a Site in the Piedmont, Air Force Plant 6, Marietta, Georgia, by Gerard J. Gonthier

SIR2007-5109: Evaluation of the Contributing Area for Recovery Wells at the Naval Industrial Reserve Ordnance Plant, Fridley, Minnesota, by J. Hal Davis—ONLINE ONLY

SIR2007-5110: Analysis of Salinity Intrusion in the Waccamaw River and Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, 1995–2002, by Paul A. Conrads and Edwin A. Roehl, Jr.

SIR2007-5107: Two-Dimensional Flood-Inundation Model of the Flint River at Albany, Georgia, by Jonathan W. Musser and Thomas R. Dyar

SIR2007-5105: Water Resources of the Duck River Watershed, Tennessee, by R.R. Knight and J.A. Kingsbury

SIR2007-5070: Hydrogeologic Investigation, Water Chemistry Analysis, and Model Delineation of contributing Areas for City of Tallahassee Public-Supply Wells, Tallahassee, Florida, by J. Hal Davis and Brian G. Katz

SIR2007-5061: Modeling the Effects of Fire Frequency and Severity on Forests in the Northwestern United States, by Richard T. Busing and Allen M. Solomon

SIR2007-5054: Occurrence of Organic Wastewater Compounds in Selected Surface-Water Supplies, Triangle Area of North Carolina, 2002–2005, by M.J. Giorgino, R.B. Rasmussen, and C.A. Pfeifle

SIR2007-5041: Hydrogeologic Framework and Ground-Water Budget of the Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer, Spokane County, Washington, and Bonner and Kootenai Counties, Idaho, by Sue C. Kahle and James R. Bartolino

SIR2007-5040: A Spatial Landscape Model of Forest Patch Dynamics and Climate Change, by Richard T. Busing

SIR2007-5032: LiDAR-Derived Flood-Inundation Maps for Real-Time Flood-Mapping Applications, Tar River Basin, North Carolina, by Jerad D. Bales, Chad R. Wagner, Kirsten C. Tighe, and Silvia Terziotti

SIR2007-5027: Hydrology and Glacier-Lake-Outburst Floods (1987-2004) and Water Quality (1998-2003) of the Taku River near Juneau, Alaska, by Edward G. Neal

SIR2007-5017: Ground-Water Conditions and Studies in Georgia, 2004-2005, by David C. Leeth, Michael F. Peck, and Jaime A. Painter

SIR2007-5009: Simulation of Multiscale Ground-Water Flow in Part of the Northeastern San Joaquin Valley, California, by Steven P. Phillips, Christopher T. Green, Karen R. Burow, Jennifer L. Shelton, and Diane L. Rewis

SIR2007-5007: Estimates of Ground-Water Recharge to the Yakima River Basin Aquifer System, Washington, for Predevelopment and Current Land-Use and Land-Cover Conditions, by J.J. Vaccaro and T.D. Olsen


SIR2006-5324: Water-Level Changes in the High Plains Aquifer, Predevelopment to 2005 and 2003 to 2005, by V.L. McGuire

SIR2006-5323: Hydrology and Flood Profiles of Duck Creek and Jordan Creek Downstream from Egan Drive, Juneau, Alaska, by Janet H. Curran

SIR2006-5318: A Deep Percolation Model for Estimating Ground-Water Recharge: Documentation of Modules for the Modular Modeling System of the U.S. Geological Survey, by J.J. Vaccaro

SIR2006-5317: A Multiple-Tracer Approach for Identifying Sewage Sources to an Urban Stream System, by Kenneth E. Hyer

SIR2006-5316: Geostatistical Modeling of Sediment Abundance in a Heterogeneous Basalt Aquifer at the Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho, by Kyle E. Juracek

SIR2006-5311: Investigation of Ground-Water Contamination at Solid Waste Management Unit 12, Naval Weapons Station Charleston, North Charleston, South Carolina, by Don A. Vroblesky, Clifton C. Casey, Matthew D. Petkewich, Mark A. Lowery, Kevin J. Conlon, and Larry G. Harrelson

SIR2006-5307: Sedimentation and Occurrence and Trends of Selected Chemical Constituents in Bottom Sediment, Empire Lake, Cherokee County, Kansas, 1905-2005, by John A. Welhan, Renee L. Farabaugh, Melissa J. Merrick, and Steven R. Anderson

SIR2006-5301: Sources of Polychlorinated Biphenyls to Devils Swamp Lake Near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, by Peter C. Van Metre, Jennifer T. Wilson, and Briant A. Kimball

SIR2006-5300: Characterization of Habitat and Biological Communities at Fixed Sites in the Great Salt Lake Basins, Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming, Water Years 1999-2001, by Christine M. Albano and Elise M.P. Giddings

SIR2006-5298: Use of Spatial Sampling and Microbial Source-Tracking Tools for Understanding Fecal Contamination at Two Lake Erie Beaches, by Donna S. Francy, Erin E. Bertke, Dennis P. Finnegan, Christopher M. Kephart, Rodney A. Sheets, John Rhoades, and Lester Stumpe

SIR2006-5296: Simulation of Constituent Transport in the Red River of the North Basin, North Dakota and Minnesota, During Unsteady-Flow Conditions, 1977 and 2003-04, by Rochelle A. Nustad and Jerad D. Bales—ONLINE ONLY

SIR2006-5292: Water Quality in the Bear River Basin of Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming Prior to and Following Snowmelt Runoff in 2001, by Steven J. Gerner and Lawrence E. Spangler

SIR2006-5282: Hydraulic Survey and Scour Assessment of Bridge 524, Tanana River at Big Delta, Alaska, by JThomas A. Heinrichs, Dustin E. Langley, Robert L. Burrows, and Jeffrey S. Conaway

SIR2006-5277: Processes Affecting Phosphorus and Copper Concentrations and Their Relation to Algal Growth in Two Supply Reservoirs in the Lower Coastal Plain of Virginia, 2002–2003, and Implications for Alternative Management Strategies, by Gary K. Speiran, Nancy S. Simon, and Maria L. Mood-Brown

SIR2006-5272: Surface-Water Quality and Nutrient Loads in the Nepaug Reservoir Watershed, Northwestern Connecticut, 1999–2001, by Jonathan Morrison and Michael J. Colombo

SIR2006-5271: Hydrogeology and Simulated Ground-Water Flow in the Salt Pond Region of Southern Rhode Island , by John P. Masterson, Jason R. Sorenson, Janet R. Stone, S. Bradley Moran, and Andrea Hougham

SIR2006-5261: Arsenic, Boron, and Fluoride Concentrations in Ground Water in and Near Diabase Intrusions, Newark Basin, Southeastern Pennsylvania, by Lisa A. Senior and Ronald A. Sloto—ONLINE ONLY

SIR2006-5251: Occurrence and Transport of Agricultural Chemicals in Leary Weber Ditch Basin, Hancock County, Indiana, 2003–04, by Nancy T. Baker, Wesley W. Stone, John T. Wilson, and Michael T. Meyer

SIR2006-5248: Preliminary Volcano Hazard Assessment for the Emmons Lake Volcanic Center, Alaska, by Christopher F. Waythomas, Thomas P. Miller, and Margaret T. Mangan

SIR2006-5247: Influence of In-Well Convection on Well Sampling, by Don A. Vroblesky, Clifton C. Casey, and Mark A. Lowery—ONLINE ONLY

SIR2006-5241: Continuous Water-Quality Monitoring and Regression Analysis to Estimate Constituent Concentrations and Loads in the Red River of the North, Fargo, North Dakota, 2003-05, by Karen R. Ryberg—ONLINE ONLY

SIR2006-5240: Evaluation of Emerging Contaminants of Concern at the South District Wastewater Treatment Plant Based on Seasonal Events, Miami-Dade County, Florida, 2004, by A.C. Lietz and M.T. Meyer

SIR2006-5236: An Update of the Distribution of Selected Radiochemical and Chemical Constituents in Perched Ground Water, Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho, Emphasis 1999–2001 by Linda C. Davis

SIR2006-5230: Instream Flow Characterization of Upper Salmon River Basin Streams, Central Idaho, 2005, by Terry R. Maret, Jon E. Hortness, and Douglas S. Ott

SIR2006-5226: Estimates of Shear Stress and Measurements of Water Levels in the Lower Fox River near Green Bay, Wisconsin, by Stephen M. Westenbroek—ONLINE ONLY

SIR2006-5225: Validation of a Critical Assumption of the Riparian Habitat Hypothesis for White Sturgeon, by Bjorn K. van der Leeuw, Michael J. Parsley, Corey D. Wright, and Eric E. Kofoot

SIR2006-5218: Interferograms Showing Land Subsidence and Uplift in Las Vegas Valley, Nevada, 1992–99, by Michael T. Pavelko, Jörn Hoffmann, and Nancy A. Damar

SIR2006-5209: Water-Quality Conditions in Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon, 2002-04, by Tamara M. Wood, Gene R. Hoilman, and Mary K. Lindenberg

SIR2006-5206: Quantification of the Contribution of Nitrogen from Septic Tanks to Ground Water in Spanish Springs Valley, Nevada, by Michael R. Rosen, Christian Kropf, and Karen A. Thomas

SIR2006-5205: Estimates of Ground-Water Pumpage from the Yakima River Basin Aquifer System, Washington, 1960-2000, by J.J. Vaccaro and S.S. Sumioka

SIR2006-5200: Flow Paths in the Edwards Aquifer, Northern Medina and Northeastern Uvalde Counties, Texas, Based on Hydrologic Identification and Geochemical Characterization and Simulation, by Allan K. Clark and Celeste A. Journey

SIR2006-5194: Effects of Regulation and Technology on End Uses of Nonfuel Mineral Commodities in the United States, by Grecia R. Matos—ONLINE ONLY

SIR2006-5192: Models for Predicting Recreational Water Quality at Lake Erie Beaches, by Donna S. Francy, Robert A. Darner, and Erin E. Bertke

SIR2006-5188: Annual Trace-Metal Load Estimates and Flow-Weighted Concentrations of Cadmium, Lead, and Zinc in the Spokane River Basin, Idaho and Washington, 1999-2004, by Mary M. Donato

SIR2006-5186: Hydrology and Water Quality in the Green River and Surrounding Agricultural Areas near Green River in Emery and Grand Counties, Utah, 2004-05, by S.J. Gerner, L.E. Spangler, B.A. Kimball, D.E. Wilberg, and D.L. Naftz

SIR2006-5183: Assessment of the Use of Selected Chemical and Microbiological Constituents as Indicators of Wastewater in Curtain Drains From Home Sewage-Treatment Systems in Medina County, Ohio, by Denise H. Dumouchelle

SIR2006-5178: Changes in Streamflow and Water Quality in Selected Nontidal Basins in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, 1985-2004 , by Michael J. Langland, Jeff P. Raffensperger, Douglas L. Moyer, Jurate M. Landwehr, and Gregory E. Schwarz

SIR2006-5157: Hydrogeology and Simulation of Ground-Water Flow at Arnold Air Force Base, Coffee and Franklin Counties, Tennessee--2002 Update, by Connor J. Haugh

SIR2006-5154: Estimated Water Use and Availability in the Pawtuxet and Quinebaug River Basins, Rhode Island, 1995–99, by Emily C. Wild, and Mark T. Nimiroski

SIR2006-5151: Water Quality of the Crescent River Basin, Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, Alaska, 2003-2004, by Timothy P. Brabets and Robert T. Ourso

SIR2006-5150: Organic Compounds and Trace Elements in Fish Tissue and Bed Sediment in the Delaware River Basin, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Delaware, 1998-2000, by Kristin Romanok, Jeffrey M. Fischer, Karen Riva-Murray, Robin Brightbill, and Michael Bilger

SIR2006-5149: Distribution and Abundance of Fallow Deer Leks at Point Reyes National Seashore, California, by Gary M. Fellers and Michael Osbourn—ONLINE ONLY

SIR2006-5148: Pesticide Toxicity Index for Freshwater Aquatic Organisms, 2nd Edition, by Mark D. Munn, Robert J. Gilliom, Patrick W. Moran, and Lisa H. Nowell—ONLINE ONLY

SIR2006-5144: Assessment of Total Nitrogen in the Upper Connecticut River Basin in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts, December 2002–September 2005, by Jeffrey R. Deacon, Thor E. Smith, Craig M. Johnston, Richard B. Moore, Rebecca M. Weidman, and Laura J. Blake—ONLINE ONLY

SIR2006-5143: Evaluation of Evidence Supporting the Effectiveness of Desert Tortoise Recovery Actions, by William I. Boarman and William B. Kristan

SIR2006-5132: Reconnaissance-Level Assessment of Water and Bottom-Sediment Quality, including Pesticides and Mercury, in Yankton Sioux Tribe Wetlands, Charles Mix County, South Dakota, June–July 2005, by Bryan D. Schaap and Roy C. Bartholomay —ONLINE ONLY

SIR2006-5131: Statistical Analyses of Hydrologic System Components and Simulation of Edwards Aquifer Water-Level Response to Rainfall Using Transfer-Function Models, San Antonio Region, Texas, by Lisa D. Miller and Andrew J. Long

SIR2006-5130: Low-Flow, Base-Flow, and Mean-Flow Regression Equations for Pennsylvania Streams, by Marla H. Stuckey—ONLINE ONLY

SIR2006-5117: Comparison of Macroinvertebrate Community Structure between Two Riffle-Based Sampling Protocols in Wyoming, Colorado, and Montana, 2000-2001, by D.A. Peterson and J.R. Zumberge—ONLINE ONLY

SIR2006-5116: Hydrogeologic Framework of Sedimentary Deposits in Six Structural Basins, Yakima River Basin, Washington, by M.A. Jones, J.J. Vaccaro, and A.M. Watkins

SIR2006-5113: Water-quality monitoring and regression analysis for specific conductance and sodium-adsorption ratios and load estimates for dissolved dolids for four sites in the Powder River Basin, Montana and Wyoming 2001-2004, by Melanie L. Clark and Jon P. Mason

SIR2006-5111: Fish Communities and Related Environmental Conditions of the Lower Boise River, Southwestern Idaho, 1974-2004, by Dorene E. MacCoy

SIR2006-5108: Selection of Manning’s Roughness Coefficient for Natural and Constructed Vegetated and Non-Vegetated Channels, and Vegetation Maintenance Plan Guidelines for Vegetated Channels in Central Arizona, by Jeff V. Phillips and Saeid Tadayon

SIR2006-5106: Freshwater and Saline Loads of Dissolved Inorganic Nitrogen to Hood Canal and Lynch Cove, Western Washington by A.J. Paulson, C.P. Konrad, L.M. Frans, Marlene Noble, Carol Kendall, E.G. Josberger, R.L. Huffman, and T.D. Olsen

SIR2006-5100: Water-Table Levels and Gradients, Nevada, 1947–2004 by Thomas J. Lopes, Susan G. Buto, J. LaRue Smith, and Toby L. Welborn

SIR2006-5099: Characterization of surface-water resources in the Great Basin National Park Area and their susceptibility to ground-water withdrawals in adjacent valleys, White Pine County, Nevada by Peggy E. Elliott, David A. Beck, and David E. Prudic

SIR2006-5097: Ground-water flow model of the Boone Formation at the Tar Creek Superfund Site, Oklahoma and Kansas, by T.B. Reed and John B. Czarnecki—ONLINE ONLY

SIR2006-5095: Water quality and relation to taste-and-odor compounds in North Fork Ninnescah River and Cheney Reservoir, South-Central Kansas, 1997-2003, by V.G. Christensen, J.L. Graham, C.R. Milligan, L.M. Pope, and A.C. Ziegler

SIR2006-5092: Geohydrological characterization, water-chemistry, and ground-water flow simulation model of the Sonoma Valley Area, Sonoma County, California, by C.D. Farrar, L.F. Metzger, Tracy Nishikawa, K.M. Koczot, E.G. Reichard and V.E. Langenheim

SIR2006-5089: Estimated Flood-Inundation Mapping for the Lower Blue River in Kansas City, Missouri, 2003—2005, by Brian P. Kelly and Paul H. Rydlund, Jr.—ONLINE ONLY

SIR2006-5086: Science to Support Adaptive Habitat Management: Overton Bottoms North Unit, Big Muddy National Fish and Wildlife Refuge, Missouri, edited by Robert B. Jacobson

SIR2006-5083: Effects of a Remedial System and its Operation on Volatile Organic Compound-Contaminated Ground Water, Operable Unit 1, Savage Municipal Well Superfund Site, Milford, New Hampshire, 1998-2004, by Philip T. Harte

SIR2006-5079: Application of the Loop Method for Correcting Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Discharge Measurements Biased by Sediment Transport by David S. Mueller and Chad R. Wagner

SIR2006-5073: Surface-Water Quality in Rivers and Drainage Basins Discharging to the Southern Part of Hood Canal, Mason and Kitsap Counties, Washington, 2004 by L.M. Frans, A.J. Paulson, R. L. Huffman, and S.N. Osbourne

SIR2006-5070: Geohydrology of the Lower Apalachicola–Chattahoochee–Flint River Basin, Southwestern Georgia, Northwestern Florida, and Southeastern Alabama, by Lynn J. Torak and Jaime A. Painter

SIR2006-5069: Effects of irrigation practices on water use in the groundwater management districts within the Kansas High Plains, 1991-2003, by Charles A. Perry

SIR2006-5068: Occurrence of Trihalomethanes in the Nation's Ground Water and Drinking-Water Supply Wells, 1985–2002, by Bryan D. Schaap and John S. Zogorski

SIR2006-5067: External Quality-Assurance Results for the National Atmospheric Deposition Program/ National Trends Network and Mercury Deposition Network, 2004, by G.A. Wetherbee, N.E. Latysh, and S.M. Greene

SIR2006-5064: Evaluation of the ground-water flow model for northern Utah Valley, Utah, updated to conditions through 2002, by Susan A. Thiros

SIR2006-5062: Evaluation of hydrologic conditions and nitrate concentrations in the Río Nigua de Salinas Alluvial Fan Aquifer, Salinas, Puerto Rico, 2002-03, by José M. Rodríguez—ONLINE ONLY

SIR2006-5061: Modeling the Effects of Fire Frequency and Severity on Forests in the Northwestern United States, by Richard T. Busing and Allen M. Solomon

SIR2006-5058: Simulation of Various Management Scenarios of the Mississippi River Valley Alluvial Aquifer in Arkansas, by John B. Czarnecki—ONLINE ONLY

SIR2006-5057: A computer program for estimating instream travel times and concentrations of a potential contaminant in the Yellowstone River, Montana, by Peter M. McCarthy

SIR2006-5054: Ground-water levels near the top of the water-table Mound, Western Cape Cod, Massachusetts, 2002-04, by Andrew J. Massey, Carl S. Carlson, and Denis R. LeBlanc

SIR2006-5052: Simulation of Various Management Scenarios of the Mississippi River Valley Alluvial Aquifer in Arkansas, by John B. Czarnecki—ONLINE ONLY

SIR2006-5051: Wetland Delineation with IKONOS High-Resolution Satellite Imagery, Fort Custer Training Center, Battle Creek, Michigan, 2005, by L.M. Fuller, T.R. Morgan, and S.S. Aichele

SIR2006-5048: Monitoring Post-Fire Vegetation Rehabilitation Projects: A Common Approach for Non-Forested Ecosystems, by Troy A. Wirth and David A. Pyke

SIR2006-5047: Water quality of eleven lakes in eastern and southern Arkansas from August 2004 - July 2005, by B.G. Justus—ONLINE ONLY

SIR2006-5046: Water-Quality Characteristics of Montana Streams in a Statewide Monitoring Network, 1999-2003, by John H. Lambing and Thomas E. Cleasby

SIR2006-5042: Physical and vegetative characteristics of a relocated stream reach, constructed wetland, and riparian buffer, upper Saucon Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, 2000-04, by J.J. Chaplin, K.E. White, and C.A. Loper

SIR2006-5041: Analysis of sensitivity of simulated recharge to selected parameters for seven watersheds modeled using the precipitation-runoff modeling system, by D. Matthew Ely

SIR2006-5040: Questa Baseline and Pre-Mining Ground-Water Quality Investigation. 21. Hydrology and Water Balance of the Red River Basin, New Mexico 1930–2004, by Cheryl A. Naus, Douglas P. McAda, and Nathan C. Myers

SIR2006-5039: Effects of Roads and Well Pads on Erosion in the Largo Canyon Watershed, New Mexico, 2001–02, by Anne Marie Matherne

SIR2006-5038: Simulation of Nutrient and Sediment Concentrations and Loads in the Delaware Inland Bays Watershed: Extension of the Hydrologic and Water-Quality Model to Ungaged Segments, by Angélica L. Gutiérrez-Magness

SIR2006-5037: Environmental Setting of Maple Creek Watershed, Nebraska, by Brian S. Fredrick, Joshua I. Linard, and Jennifer L. Carpenter—ONLINE ONLY

SIR2006-5036: An Evaluation and Review of Water-Use Estimates and Flow Data for the Lower Klamath and Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuges, Oregon and California , by John C. Risley and Marshall W. Gannett

SIR2006-5035: Estimating Low-Flow Frequency Statistics for Unregulated Streams in Idaho, by J.E. Hortness

SIR2006-5034: Ground-Water/Surface-Water Interaction in Nearshore Areas of Three Lakes on the Grand Portage Reservation, Northeastern Minnesota, 2003-04, by Perry M. Jones

SIR2006-5033: Hydraulic and geomorphic monitoring of experimental bridge scour mitigation at selected bridges in Utah, 2003-05 by T.A. Kenney and T.S. McKinney—ONLINE ONLY

SIR2006-5032: Determination of Canal Leakage Potential Using Continuous Resistivity Profiling Techniques, Interstate and Tri-State Canals, Western Nebraska and Eastern Wyoming, 2004, by Lyndsay B. Ball, Wade H. Kress, Gregory V. Steele, James C. Cannia, and Michael J. Andersen

SIR2006-5031: A Revised Logistic Regression Equation and an Automated Procedure for Mapping the Probability of a Stream Flowing Perennially in Massachusetts, by Gardner C. Bent and Peter A. Steeves—ONLINE ONLY

SIR2006-5030: Evidence for chloroethene biodegradation in ground water at former building 957 drum storage area, area 2, operable unit 2, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Division Keyport, Washington, by R.S. Dinicola

SIR2006-5029: Geomorphic characteristics and classification of Duluth-Area Streams, Minnesota, by F.A. Fitzpatrick, M.C. Peppler, M.M. DePhilip, and K.E. Lee—ONLINE ONLY

SIR2006-5028: Questa Baseline and Pre-Mining Ground-Water Quality Investigation. 20. Water Chemistry of the Red River and Selected Seeps, Tributaries, and Precipitation, Taos County, New Mexico, 2000-2004, by P.L. Verplanck, R. Blaine McCleskey, and D. Kirk Nordstrom

SIR2006-5027: Water Resources of Carbon County, Wyoming, by T.T. Bartos, L.L. Hallberg, J.P. Mason, J.R. Norris, and K.A. Miller

SIR2006-5026: Geology, Ground-Water Hydrology, Geochemistry, and Ground-Water Simulation of the Beaumont and Banning Storage Units, San Gorgonio Pass Area, Riverside County, California, by D.L. Rewis, A.H. Christensen, Jonathan Matti, J.A. Hevesi, Tracy Nishikawa, and Peter Martin

SIR2006-5025: Physical Habitat Classification and Instream Flow Modeling to Determine Habitat Availability During Low-Flow Periods, North Fork Shenandoah River, Virginia, by J.L. Krstolic, D.C. Hayes, and P.M. Ruhl

SIR2006-5024: Documentation of a spreadsheet for time-series analysis and drawdown estimation, by Keith J. Halford

SIR2006-5023: Calculation of Scour Depth at the Parks Highway Bridge on the Tanana River at Nenana, Alaska, Using One-and Two-Dimensional Hydraulic Models, by Dustin E. Langley

SIR2006-5021: Status of water levels and selected water-quality conditions in the Sparta-Memphis Aquifer in Arkansas, Spring-Summer 2003, by T.P. Schrader

SIR2006-5020: Regression model for explaining and predicting concentrations of dieldrin in whole fish from United States Streams, by L.H. Nowell, C.G. Crawford, Naomi Nakagaki, G.P. Thelin and D.M. Wolock by Charles Berenbrock

SIR2006-5019: Simulations of hydraulic characteristics for an upstream extension of the White Sturgeon Spawning Habitat of the Kootenai River, Idaho—A Supplement to Scientific Investigations Report 2005–5110 by Charles Berenbrock

SIR2006-5018: Computation and Error Analysis of Discharge for the Lake Michigan Diversion Project in Illinois: 1997-99 Water Years, by James J. Duncker, Thomas M. Over, and Juan A. Gonzalez—ONLINE ONLY

SIR2006-5017: Frequency of annual maximum precipitation in the city of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, through 2004, by J. Curtis Weaver

SIR2006-5016: Suspended-sediment yields and stream-channel processes on Judy’s branch watershed in the St. Louis Metro East Region in Illinois, by T.D. Straub, G.P. Johnson, D.P. Roseboom, and C.R. Sierra

SIR2006-5015: Sources and Occurrence of Chloroform and Other Trihalomethanes in Drinking-Water Supply Wells in the United States, 1986–2001, by Tamara Ivahnenko and John S. Zogorski

SIR2006-5014: Borehole Geophysical Logging and Aquifer-Isolation Tests Conducted in Well MG-1693 at North Penn Area 5 Superfund Site near Colmar, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, by Philip H. Bird

SIR2006-5013: Regional Evaluation of the Hydrogeologic Framework, Hydraulic Properties, and Chemical Characteristics of the Intermediate Aquifer System Underlying Southern West-Central Florida, by Lari A. Knochenmus

SIR2006-5012: County-level estimates of nutrient inputs to the land surface of the conterminous United States, 1982–2001, by B.C. Ruddy, D.L. Lorenz, and D.K. Mueller—ONLINE ONLY

SIR2006-5011: Occurence and Distribution of Mercury in the Surficial Aquifer, Long Neck Peninsula, Sussex County, Delaware, 2003-04, by Michael T. Koterba, A. Scott Andres, Joseph Vrabel, Dianna M. Crilley, Zoltan Szabo, John F. DeWild, George R. Aiken, and Betzaida Reyes-Padro

SIR2006-5010: Hydrology, Water Chemistry, and Revised Water Budgets for Tracy Segment Hydrographic Area, Storey, Washoe, and Lyon Counties, West-Central Nevada, 1998-2002, by Carl E. Thodal and Mary L. Tumbusch

SIR2006-5009: MODOPTIM: A General Optimization Program for Ground-Water Flow Model Calibration and Ground-Water Management with MODFLOW, by Keith J. Halford

SIR2006-5007: Summary of Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program (EMAP) Activities in South Dakota, 2000–2004, by Allen J. Heakin, Kathleen M. Neitzert, and Jeffrey S. Shearer

SIR2006-5006: Quantification of Mass Loading to Strawberry Creek near the Gilt Edge Mine, Lawrence County, South Dakota, June 2003, by B.A. Kimball, R.L. Runkel, Katherine Walton-Day, and J.E. Williamson

SIR2006-5005: Occurrence, distribution, and transport of pesticides in agricultural irrigation-return flow from four drainage basins in the Columbia Basin Project, Washington, 2002-04, and comparison with historical data, by R.J. Wagner, L.M. Frans, and R.L. Huffman

SIR2006-5004: Questa baseline and pre-mining ground-water quality investigation. 23. Quantification of mass loading from mined and unmined areas along the Red River, New Mexico, by Briant A. Kimball, D. Kirk Nordstrom, Robert L. Runkel, Kirk R. Vincent, and Phillip L. Verplanck—ONLINE ONLY

SIR2006-5003: Analysis of ambient conditions and simulation of hydrodynamics and water-quality characteristics in Beaver Lake, Arkansas, 2001 through 2003, by J.M. Galloway and W. Reed Green

SIR2006-5002: Low-Flow Analysis and Selected Flow Statistics Representative of 1930–2002 for Streamflow-Gaging Stations In or Near West Virginia, by Jeffrey B. Wiley

SIR2006-5001: Characteristics of Thermal Springs and the shallow ground-water system at Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas by Daniel S. Yeatts


SIR2005-5291: Evaluation of precipitation estimates from PRISM for the 1961–90 and 1971–2000 Data Sets, Nevada, by A.E. Jeton, S.A. Watkins, and Justin Huntington—ONLINE ONLY

SIR2005-5290: MODGRASS: Update of a Ground-Water Flow Model for the Central Part of the Western San Joaquin Valley, California, by Charles F. Brush, Kenneth Belitz, Steven P. Phillips, Karen R. Burow and Donna L. Knifong

SIR2005-5289: Development and Evaluation of Clear-Water Pier and Contraction Scour Envelope Curves in the Coastal Plain and Piedmont Provinces of South Carolina, by S.T. Benedict and A.W. Caldwell—ONLINE ONLY

SIR2005-5288: Rates of Evapotranspiration, Recharge from Precipitation Beneath Selected Areas of Native Vegetation, and Streamflow Gain and Loss in Carson Valley, Douglas County, Nevada, and Alpine County, California , by Douglas K. Maurer, David L. Berger, Mary L. Tumbusch, and Michael J. Johnson

SIR2005-5287: Development and application of a regression equation for estimating the occurrence of atrazine in shallow ground water beneath agricultural areas of the United States, by P.E. Stackelberg, R.J. Gilliom, D.M. Wolock, and K.J. Hitt—ONLINE ONLY

SIR2005-5285: Channel morphology and bed-sediment characteristics before and after riparian vegetation clearing in the Cottonwood Ranch, Platte River, Nebraska, Water Years 2001-2004, by Paul J. Kinzel, Jonathan M. Nelson, and Ashley K. Heckman—ONLINE ONLY

SIR2005-5284: Estimation of Shallow Ground-Water Recharge in the Great Lakes Basin, by B.P. Neff, A.R. Piggott, and R.A. Sheets

SIR2005-5283: Development and Application of a Screening Model for Simulating Regional Ground-Water Flow in the St. Croix River Basin, Minnesota and Wisconsin , by D.T. Feinstein, C.A. Buchwald, C.P. Dunning, and R.J. Hunt—ONLINE ONLY

SIR2005-5282: Gravel sources in the Neosho River in Kansas, 2004, by K.E. Juracek and C.A. Perry

SIR2005-5281: Sinkhole Flooding in Murfreesboro, Rutherford County, Tennessee, 2001-02, by M.W. Bradley and G.E. Hileman

SIR2005-5280: Geologic, hydrologic, and chemical data from the C aquifer near Leupp, Arizona, by J.P. Hoffmann, D.J. Bills, J.V. Phillips, and K.J. Halford—ONLINE ONLY

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