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Stochastic Empirical Loading and Dilution Model (SELDM) Version 1.0.0

U.S. Geological Survey Techniques and Methods

Chapter 3

Section C, Water Quality

Book 4, Hydrologic Analysis and Interpretation

Table of contents for the digital media published with this report.

Granato, G.E., 2013, Stochastic empirical loading and dilution model (SELDM) version 1.0.0: U.S. Geological Survey Techniques and Methods, book 4, chap. C3, 112 p., CD–ROM. (Also available at https://pubs.usgs.gov/tm/04/c03/.)

  index.html -- This table of contents (this file)
  Manual Files
  Model Files
  Federal Highway Administration Report Documentation Files
  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Level III Nutrient Ecoregions
  Example Output
  Model Code in ASCII Text
  Example Tables for Lake Analysis
  Random Seed Files
  Software Disclaimer
  Copyright and License Information
  Federal Highway Administration contact information
  U.S. Geological Survey contact information
  CD-ROM Software Requirements

SELDM Model Manual:
  TM4C3.pdf -- The main software manual
  TM4C3-A1.pdf Appendix 1: Monte Carlo Methods
  TM4C3-A2.pdf Appendix 2: Basin Property Definitions
  TM4C3-A3.pdf Appendix 3: Database design in page-size booklet format
  TM4C3-P3.pdf Appendix 3: Database design in poster-size plate format
  TM4C3-A4.pdf Appendix 4: Navigating the Graphical User Interface
  CD-ROM jewel-case door card -- For printing the CD-ROM jewel-case inset with report information
  CD-ROM disc face -- For printing the CD-ROM disc label on a printer

Model Files:
For best results use the model installation file, it ensures that you have the proper drivers and settings. If you do not own a copy of Access the installation file will provide a runtime version for use with SELDM. The compiled version is available for advances Access users. The uncompiled Microsoft Access file is provided for future use by model developers.
  SELDMv0100.exe -- Model installation file
  install.html -- SELDM installation instructions

  Access 2000 and 2003 formats -- Compiled and uncompiled versions (forward compatible)
  Access 2007 formats -- Compiled and uncompiled versions (not backward compatible)

Federal Highway Administration Report Documentation Files:
This report also was approved for publication as FHWA-HEP-09-006, the FHWA report information is:
  DOTF1700-7-007.pdf -- Technical Report Documentation Page
  Preface.pdf -- FHWA report preface by Susan Jones
  index -- Other report documentation files

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Level III Nutrient Ecoregions:
  useco.pdf -- USEPA Ecoregion Map
  useco_desc.pdf -- USEPA Ecoregion Descriptions

Example Output Files:
The example output text files are provided for inspection without installing or running the model. Input values used in the example are for demonstration only and should not be considered as recommended input values. The file ExampleAnalysisI81Out.txt includes an explanation for each output file type.
  ExampleAnalysisI81Out.txt -- Output Documentation File
  ExampleAnalysisI81-PS.txt -- Prestorm Streamflow
  ExampleAnalysisI81-PE.txt -- Precipitation Events
  ExampleAnalysisI81-SF.txt -- Stormflows
  ExampleAnalysisI81-DF.txt -- Dilution Factors
  ExampleAnalysisI81-HQ.txt -- Highway Runoff Quality
  ExampleAnalysisI81-Annual.txt -- Annual Highway Runoff Loads
  ExampleAnalysisI81-UQ.txt -- Upstream Water Quality
  ExampleAnalysisI81-DQ.txt -- Downstream Water Quality
  ExampleAnalysisI81-Lake.txt -- Lake Analysis

The model code is provided as text files for inspection, verification, and future use by model developers.
  modMainSELDM.bas -- The main model code
  modPublicInterface.bas -- Subroutines are used throughout the application to standardize actions
  modPublicVariables.bas -- Public variables used in different forms and modules
  modStatistics.bas -- Code for statistical functions

Example Tables for Lake Analysis:
These example tables are provided to demonstrate the process for calculating annual attenuation factors. Input values used in the example are for demonstration only and should not be considered as recommended input values.
  Table05LakeSedAttenuation.xls -- Sediment attenuation factor example
  Table06LakeTraceAttenuation.xls -- Trace element attenuation factor example (can be used as an example for nutrients and other sediment-associated constituents)

Random Seed Files:
SeedMaker.exe was written to identify the random seeds used to generate uniform random variates in SELDM. It generates a set of random variates, calculates statistics, and outputs each random-seed pair with the maximum deviation from theoretical uniform random variate statistics (see appendix 1).
  Seedmaker03-11-2010b.exe -- The program for generating and testing random seeds
  ReadMe.txt -- A text file describing the SeedMaker program command buttons
  Package.zip -- A zip file containing the files for installing SeedMaker and the support files needed to build the installation package
  Code.zip -- The Visual Basic 6.0 source code for the SeedMaker program

The computer files published with this report were prepared by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA); both are agencies of the U.S. Government. This information was compiled for quantitative analysis of available data on a national and(or) regional scale.

Although this software program has been used by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), no warranty, expressed or implied, is made by the USGS or the U.S. Government as to the accuracy and functioning of the program and related program material nor shall the fact of distribution constitute any such warranty, and no responsibility is assumed by the USGS in connection therewith.

The USGS and the FHWA reserve the right to revise the software and the data pursuant to further analysis and review. These data and the software on the digital media have been used by the USGS, and are released on condition that the USGS, the FHWA, or the U.S. Government may not be held liable for any damages resulting from their use. The use of trade or product names on this computer disk is for identification purposes only and does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Government.

The user assumes all risk for any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data, or profits arising in connection with the access, use, quality, or performance of this software.

Copyright and License Information
Copyright protection under Title 17 is not available for any work of the United States Government (U.S. Copyright Office, 2000). Therefore, the information generated by the Government for this report is in the public domain and may not be protected for commercial use. The information and software included with this report are provided solely for the purposes of private study, scholarship, or research.

Software and related material (data and (or) documentation) contained in or furnished in connection with a software distribution are made available by the FHWA in cooperation with the USGS to be used in the public interest and in the advancement of science. You may, without any fee or cost, use, copy, modify, or distribute this software, and any derivative works thereof, and its supporting documentation, subject to the following restrictions and understandings.

If you distribute copies or modifications of the software and related material, make sure the recipients receive a copy of this notice and receive or can get a copy of the original distribution. If the software and (or) related material are modified and distributed, it must be made clear that the recipients do not have the original, and they must be informed of the extent of the modifications. For example, modified files must include a prominent notice stating the modifications made, the author of the modifications, and the date the modifications were made. This restriction is necessary to guard against problems introduced in the software by others, reflecting negatively on the reputation of the FHWA or the USGS.

The software is public property, and you therefore have the right to the source code, if desired. The source code is included on the digital media.

You may charge fees for distribution, warranties, and services provided in connection with the software or derivative works thereof. The names FHWA and USGS can be used in any advertising or publicity to endorse or promote any products or commercial entity using this software if specific written permission is obtained from the FHWA and USGS, respectively.

You agree to appropriately acknowledge the authors, the FHWA, and the USGS in publications that result from the use of this software or in products that include this software in whole or in part.

Some software, file formats, and computer technology associated with this report, however, have been generated by the private sector and as such are protected by copyright, trademark, patent, and (or) other intellectual property laws, and any unauthorized use of these materials may violate such laws. Inclusion with this report does not grant any express or implied rights to you or the government under any patents, copyrights, trademarks, or trade-secret information with respect to the included materials. The private-sector software included with this report, however, may be used solely for the purposes of private study, scholarship, or research under the distribution licenses provided for this commercial software.

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Because the software and related material are free (other than nominal material and handling fees) and provided "as is," the authors, the USGS, the FHWA, and the United States Government are not obligated to provide users with any support, consulting, training, or assistance of any kind with regard to the use, operation, and performance of this software nor to provide users with any updates, revisions, new versions, or "bug fixes".

U.S. Copyright Office, 2000, Copyright law of the United States of America and related laws contained in Title 17 of the United States Code: U.S. Copyright Office Circular 92, 237 p.

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CD-ROM Software Requirements:
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