U.S. Geological Survey, Techniques of Water-Resources Investigations, Book 3, Chapter B2

By Gordon D. Bennett

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Sections available in pdf:

Section 1 -- 1.70 MB


Program outline

Instructions to the reader

I. Definitions and general concepts

Section 2 -- 1.35 MB

II. Darcy's law

Beginning of programed instruction

Text-format discussion : Generalizations of Darcy's law

Section 3 -- 1.26 MB

III. Application of Darcy's law to field problems

Section 4 -- 1.11 MB

IV. Ground-water storage

Section 5 -- 1.27 MB

V. Unidirectional nonequilibrium flow

Text-format discussion: Partial derivatives in ground-water-flow analysis

Beginning of programed instruction

Section 6 -- 1.79 MB

VI. Nonequilibrium flow to a well

Beginning of programed instruction

Text-format discussion : Development of additional solutions by superposition

Section 7 -- 2.41 MB

VII. Finite-difference methods

Beginning of programed instruction

Text-format discussion : Technique of finite-difference solution of the ground-water-flow equation

Section 8 -- 1.38 MB

VIII. Analog techniques






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