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DDS 69-Q: Areas of Historical Oil and Gas Exploration and Production in the United States

Information For Advanced Users

     Although this application provides a number of useful and sophisticated geoprocessing and cartographic functions, some users might find the need for more advanced Geographic Information System (GIS) analysis. Some of this functionality may include sophisticated queries and advanced cartographic functions including labeling and annotation. Given the interoperable nature of this product, these data can be used in a variety of applications. The following options are available:

  1. ArcGIS Information HereUsing ArcGIS Desktop—The services implemented in the Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Interactive Map Service application and interface can be easily integrated into your existing data in a 9.x version of ArcGIS Desktop. Add an internet server by using the "Add Internet Server" dialogue in ArcCatalog. The internet host name will be Once the internet server has been successfully added, select the map service name, "US_Production." This service can be used in either ArcCatalog or ArcMap. For more details related to ArcGIS Desktop products, visit the ESRI ArcGIS product overview homepage at

  2. Using ArcExplorer—This map service can also be integrated with existing data using a free GIS software viewer called ArcExplorer. For additional information regarding ArcExplorer and to download this free application, visit the ArcExplorer homepage at

  3. Using ArcGIS Explorer—ArcGIS Explorer is a lightweight client for ArcGIS Server. It can be used to access, integrate, and utilize GIS services, geographic content, and other Web services. For more information about ArcGIS Explorer, visit

  4. Using ArcWeb Services —ArcWeb Services offer developers a rich set of Web services application programming interfaces (APIs) for integrating mapping functionality and GIS content into browser, desktop, mobile, and server applications to help solve many different types of problems. Visit the following ESRI website,, to download and for more information about this free application.


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