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U.S. Geological Survey Digital Data Series DDS-79, Coastal Erosion and Wetland Change in Louisiana: Selected USGS Products

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Preface - Charles G. Groat, Director, U.S. Geological Survey


Digital Maps

Land Loss Maps:

Geomorphic Classification of Coastal Land Loss between 1932 and 1990

Process Classification of Coastal Land Loss between 1932 and 1990

Shoreline Change Posters of the Louisiana Barrier Islands: 1885-1996

Digital Atlases

Environmental Atlas:

Environmental Atlas of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin

Shoreline and Sea-Floor Change Atlases:

Atlas of Shoreline Changes in Louisiana from 1853 to 1989

Atlas of Sea-Floor Changes from 1878 to 1989

Land Loss Report

National Biological Survey Open-File Report 94-01: Land Loss in Coastal Louisiana, 1956-1990

Data Catalog

GIS data files for Land Loss and Shoreline Change Maps


New Orleans, The Natural History, a film by Walter Williams



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