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U.S. Geological Survey Digital Data Series DDS-79, Coastal Erosion and Wetland Change in Louisiana: Selected USGS Products


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This DDS is being released to allow users to access in one place the data and images used in the atlases, maps, and reports listed in the DDS Components section. See ordering instructions for purchasing this DVD-ROM from the USGS.

The Open-File Reports are provided in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) format, making them suitable for both viewing and printing. Adobe Reader 6, a free PDF viewer, is available for download at

The data and information on this DVD-ROM are formatted for access and download by use of WWW information browsers (e.g., Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera). Hyperlinked references in this report to additional internet-resident information will not function if your computer is not actively connected to the internet via ISP or online LAN. These Web links are functional at time of publication, but there can be no guarantee that they will not change or be discontinued. Although the data, illustrations of the data, and the HTML documentation are accessible as described above, there is software that is included in this report that will run only under a UNIX operating system.

To access the information contained on this disk with a WWW client browser, open the file 'index.htm' at the top-level directory of this DVD-ROM with your selected browser. The HTML documentation is written utilizing some HTML 4.0 enhancements. The disc should be viewable by all WWW browsers.

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