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Citation_Information Originator: Schilling, Steve P. Publication_Date: 4/1/96 Title: Digital data set of volcano hazards for active Cascade Volcanos, Washington Geospatial_Data_Presentation_Format: map Series_Information Series_Name: OFR 96-178 Publication_Information Publication_Place: Vancouver, WA Publisher: U.S. Geological Survey Online_Linkage:

Description Abstract Scientists at the Cascade Volcano Observatory have completed hazard assessments for the five active volcanoes in Washington. The five studies included Mount Adams (Scott and others, 1995), Mount Baker (Gardner and others, 1995), Glacier Peak (Waitt and others, 1995), Mount Rainier (Hoblitt and others, 1995) and Mount St. Helens (Wolfe and Pierson, 1995). Twenty Geographic Information System (GIS) data sets have been created that represent the hazard information from the assessments. The twenty data sets have individual Open File part numbers and titles as listed below

Name Part Title -------------------------- Mt Adams -------- admlahar ofr96178a Boundaries for lahar hazard zone for Mount Adams, Wash admlava ofr96178b Lava and related hazards for Mount Adams, Washington admvent ofr96178c Localities of young volcanos near Mount Adams, Washing

Mt Baker -------- bkr2lahar ofr96178d Hazard from case 1 and case 2 lahars, Mount Baker Wash bkrblst ofr96178e Blast Hazard from Mount Baker, Washington bkrmlahar ofr96178f Hazard from maximum lahar at Mount Baker, Washington bkrpyro ofr96178g Pyroclastic flow hazard from Mount Baker, Washington

Glacier Peak ------------ gpkhaz ofr96178h Volcanic hazards near Glacier Peak, Washington gpklahar ofr96178i Lahar hazard for Glacier Peak, Washington

Mt Rainier --------- casteph1 ofr96178j One centimeter tephra hazard from major Cascade volcan casteph10 ofr96178k Ten centimeter tephra hazard from major Cascade volcan rainteph1 ofr96178l One centimeter tephra hazard from Mount Rainier, Washi rainteph10 ofr96178m Ten centimeter tephra hazard from Mount Rainier, Washi rnr1lahar ofr96178n Case 1 lahar hazard zone for Mount Rainier, Washington rnr2lahar ofr96178o Case 2 lahar hazard zone for Mount Rainier, Washington rnr3lahar ofr96178p Case 3 lahar hazard zone for Mount Rainier, Washington rnrblst ofr96178q Blast hazard zone for Mount Rainier, Washington rnrmlahar ofr96178r Case M lahar hazard for Mount Rainier, Washington rnrpyro ofr96178s Pyroclastic hazard zone for Mount Rainier, Washington

Mt St Helens ------------ sthhaz ofr96178t Volcanic hazards for Mount St. Helens, Washington

Keywords: None.

Purpose The purpose for each data set varies, please see individual metadata for appropriate purpose and use.

Supplemental_Information Procedures_Used This data set was created by the CREATE command. A single polygon was added to the coverage to export in the Spatial Data Transfer Standard (SDTS). See individual data sets for procedures used. Each of the data sets was digitized from mylar or clear film stable base materials except for tephra hazards for Mount Rainier that were imported from in-house software. Metadata for each data set indicates scales for which the data should be used and is also the scale of the source maps. Root mean squared errors for both digitizing and transformations were evaluated (Environmental Systems Research Institute, 1992, p. 4-23).

Revisions None.

Reviews_Applied Reviewed

Related_Spatial_and_Tabular_Data_Sets None.


Environmental Systems Research Institute, 1992, Understanding GIS The Arc/Info method: Rev. 6, 574 p.

Gardner, Cynthia A., Scott, Kevin M., Miller, C. Dan, Myers, Bobbie, Hildreth, Wes, and Pringle, Patrick T., 1995, Potential volcanic hazards from future activity of Mount Baker, Washington: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 95-498, 16 p.

Hoblitt, R. P., Walder, J. S., Driedger, C. L., Scott, K. M., Pringle, P. T., and Vallance, J. W., 1995, Volcano hazards from Mount Rainier, Washington: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 95-273, 10 p.

Scott, Kevin M. and Vallance, James W., 1995, Debris flow, debris avalanche, and flood hazards at and downstream from Mount Rainier, Washington: U.S. Geological Survey Hydro- logic Investigations Atlas HA-729.

Scott, William E, Iverson, Richard M, Vallance, James W., and Hildreth, Wes, 1995, Volcano hazards in the Mount Adams region, Washington: U.S. Geological Survey Open- File Report 95-492, 11 p.

Waitt, R. W., Mastin, L. G., and Beget, J. E., 1995, Volcanic-hazard zonation for Glacier Peak Volcano, Washinton: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 95- 499, 9 p.

Wolfe, Edward W. and Pierson, Thomas C., 1995, Volcanic- hazard zonation for Mount St. Helens, Washington, 1995: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 95-497, 12 p.

Notes Appropriate citation for this data set: Schilling, Steve P., 1996, Digital data set of volcano hazards for active Cascade volcanoes, Washington: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 96-178, Version 1.0, On-line at .

Time_Period_of_Content Currentness_Reference None.

Status Progress: Published Maintenance_and_Update_Frequency As needed

Spatial_Domain Bounding_Coordinates West_Bounding_Coordinate: -125.7339 East_Bounding_Coordinate: -114.2517 North_Bounding_Coordinate: 49.9748 South_Bounding_Coordinate: 39.9249

Keywords Theme Theme_Keyword_Thesaurus: None Theme_Keyword: Volcano hazards from active Cascade volcanos, Washington Place Place_Keyword_Thesaurus: None Place_Keyword: Cascade Range, Washington Stratum Stratum_Keyword_Thesaurus: None Stratum_Keyword: Temporal Temporal_Keyword_Thesaurus: None Temporal_Keyword:

Access_Constraints None.

Use_Constraints Please see each data set for data limitations.

Point_of_Contact: See Data_Set_Credit Water Resources and Geologic Divisions at Cascade Volcano Observatory of the U.S. Geological Survey

Security_Information Security_Classification_System: None Security_Classification: UNCLASSIFIED Security_Handling_Description: None

Native_Data_Set_Environment: dgux UNIX, ARC/INFO version 7.0.3

Cross_Reference Originator: Unknown Publication_Date: Publication_Time: Title: Edition: Geospatial_Data_Presentation_Form: map Series_Information Series_Name: Issue_Identification: Publication_Information Publication_Place: Publisher: Other_Citation_Details: Online_Linkage: Larger_Work_Citation:


Attribute_Accuracy Attribute_Accuracy_Report: See Logical_Consistency_Report: Polygon topology present.

Completeness_Report None.

Positional_Accuracy Horizontal_Positional_Accuracy Horizontal_Positional_Accuracy_Report: None.

Vertical_Positional_Accuracy Vertical_Positional_Accuracy_Report: None.

Lineage: See Cloud_Cover Not applicable.


Direct_Spatial_Reference_Method: Vector
Point_and_Vector_Object_Information SDTS_Terms_Description SDTS_Point_and_Vector_Object_Type: Point Point_and_Vector_Object_Count: 1 SDTS_Point_and_Vector_Object_Type: String Point_and_Vector_Object_Count: 1 SDTS_Point_and_Vector_Object_Type: GT-polygon composed of chains' Point_and_Vector_Object_Count: 2


        Map_Projection_Name:  ALBERS
        Longitude_of_Central_Meridian: -119.5
        Latitude_of_Projection_Origin: 45
        Latitude_of_First_Standard_Parallel: 29.5
        Latitude_of_Second_Standard_Parallel: 45.5
        False_Easting:  0.00000
        False_Northing:  0.00000
    Geodetic Model
        Ellipsoid_Name:  Clarke 1866
        Semi-major_Axis: 6,378,206.4
        Denominator_of_Flattening: 294.98


Detailed_Description Entity_Type Entity_Type_Label: Entity_Type_Definition: Entity_Type_Definition_Source: Attribute: Attribute_Label: Attribute_Definition: Attribute_Definition_Source: Attribute_Domain_Values Enumerated_Domain Enumerated_Domain_Value: Enumerated_Domain_Value_Definition Enumerated_Domain_Value_Definition_Source:

Overview_Description Entity_and_Attribute_Overview Please see each data set for attribute descriptions.

Entity_and_Attribute_Detail_Citation: Not Available


Digital data sets are available online from the WWW server
at the Cascades Volcano Observatory.


Metadata_Date: 19960410 Metadata_Contact: sschilli Metadata_Standard_Name: FGDC Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata Metadata_Standard_Version: 19940608 Metadata_Time_Convention: Local Time Metadata_Security_Information: Metadata_Security_Classification_System: None Metadata_Security_Classification: UNCLASSIFIED Metadata_Security_Handling_Description: None

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