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DATA: imagery and vector information

This CD-ROM contains archives of the Seamarc 1A and the Gulf of Mexico GLORIA sidescan sonar mosaic as well as various ARC coverages for the study area.  The data on this disk are stored either in raster or vector forms.  The raster data used in the ArcView project files are JPG format and are archived here with accompanying georeferencing information.  The raster images have also been archived in geotiff format to ease importing of the raster imagery into various GIS software and/or image analysis software.

The vector data consist of line information (e.g. ship's track line, bathymetry contour lines), point data (e.g. core information, track line points), and polygon coverages of the geologic interpretation.  These data layers are stored in ESRI's ArcView shapefile format.
GIS Layers
(ESRI Shapefiles)
Select a data-type from the adjacent list to view detailed information.  The detailed information includes links to the various data components in that group as well as detailed metadata for the individual data layers.



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