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High-Resolution Quaternary Seismic Stratigraphy, New York Bight Continental Shelf, OFR 02-152

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GIS Data

ArcView Project Description

This DVD-ROM contains an Environmental Systems Research Institute ( ArcView 3.2 Geographic Information System (GIS) project file: of02-152.apr, stored within the arcview directory. This project file contains all of the raster and vector data utilized within this Open-File Report.

Note: ESRI ( supports Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and UNIX systems; Macintosh users will not be able to view the GIS project file, of02-152.apr.

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Loading the Project File:

  • The user may be prompted for file locations when opening of02-152.apr. If prompted, the user should click CANCEL ALL. The correct relative directory path to each file will then be loaded into the project file.

  • of02-152.apr contains a startup script, Drive Selection. This script will be run upon startup and will prompt the user for the directory path to the seisimag directory. This information is needed in order to establish 'hotlinks' found within the project file.

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  • Within of02-152.apr, vector data are 'hotlinked' to JPG image files. Therefore, the JPEG (JFIF) Image Support extension must be loaded in order to view these image files. This extension is loaded by default within the project file.

  • This project file utilizes gridded data sets. As such, the Spatial Analyst extension must be loaded in order to view and manipulate these grids. This extension is loaded by default within the of02-152.apr.

  • This project file utilizes RASTER image files (TIF) compressed with LizardTech ( MrSID Geospatial Encoder 1.3.1 image compression utility. In order to load and view these files the MrSID Image Support extension must be loaded. This extension will be loaded by default within of02-152.apr.

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All views within of02-152.apr are projected in the following coordinate system: UTM, WGS84 datum, Zone 18, meters. All raster image and grid data are also projected in UTM. All point and vector data are stored in decimal degrees. The Views contained within of02-152.apr are as follows:

  • coastal-plain Unconformity
  • Geologic Interpretation
  • Holocene Isopach
  • Holocene Ravinement
  • Pleistocene Isopach
  • Pleistocene Structure (R5 - HSV)
  • Pleistocene Structure (R6 - HSV)
  • Quaternary Isopach
  • Sample Locations
  • Seismic - Boomer
  • Seismic - CHIRP
  • Seismic - Water Gun

NOTE: Seismic Views - The trackline data presented within 'Seismic - Boomer', 'Seismic - CHIRP', and 'Seismic-Water Gun' are 'hotlinked' to JPG images of the seismic data. To view the JPG images, activate a trackline shapefile, click on the lightning bolt lightning bolt image displaying tool available within ArcView 3.2 within the tool bar, and click on an individual trackline within the active theme. A JPG image of the seismic data collected along the chosen line will appear. The JPG images are stored in a view window; the user can zoom, pan, and alter the window size. Click on the X in the upper right corner to close the window.

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