Report Title: Major and Catastrophic Storms and Floods in Texas  
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  Selected WWW Resources for Rainfall and Streamflow Information

  • Texas Weather Forecasts

    Up-to-date weather forecasts for various regions and counties in Texas are reported from nine National Weather Service offices in Texas.

  • Texas Weather Information
    Weather conditions, forecasts, warnings, radar, climate information and satellite photos for Texas and surrounding states are available from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

National Flood Insurance Program

  • National Flood Insurance Program

    Information about the National Flood Insurance Program is available from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Nationwide Streamflow Information and Data

Texas Streamflow Information and Data

  • River Forecast
    National Weather Service river forecast.

  • USGS Activities in Texas
    Water-resources data and information for Texas.

  • Texas USGS Bibliography
    Searchable database of USGS water-resources reports for Texas.

  • Surface Water Data for Texas (USGS)

    Current and historical streamflow data for Texas. These data include daily mean, annual peak, and incremental streamflow (15-, 30-, or 60-minute data) and streamflow measurement data, which include the gage height, streamflow, stream width, cross-sectional area, and mean stream velocity for streamflow measurements made at gaging stations.

  • Water Watch (Texas)

    Assessment of current streamflow conditions for Texas. Maps and graphs of current water-resources conditions.

  • Rio Grande Streamflow Data
    International Boundary and Water Commission streamflow data for the Rio Grande basin.

  • Colorado River Streamflow Data
    Lower Colorado River Authority streamflow data for the Colorado River basin.