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Bottom Photographs from the Pulley Ridge Deep Coral Reef, OF 2004-1228

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Directory Structure:

Top level directory:

index.htm - This file is intended to be the starting point for the DVD-ROM access. It is written in the Hypertext Markup Language utilized by the World Wide Web (WWW) and must be opened with a WWW browser. Once opened, the user may browse the DVD-ROM's contents as they would pages from the WWW.

readme.txt - ASCII text file containing a description of this DVD-ROM. This file may be viewed or printed with any system program capable of opening ASCII text files.

pulley.apr - ArcView project file created with ArcView 3.2a on a Windows2000 computer. This project file is intended for use with the DVD since it requires all the data files be present in the appropriate directory structure.


Directory data - What follows is a brief description of the data contained in the underlying directories. For a more complete description of the data, refer to the metadata associated with each data file. This directory contains the following subdirectories:

  • gis - contains the files appropriate for use in a GIS. This includes color shaded-relief georeferenced TIFF images of the study area, a portion of U.S. state boundaries for location reference, and shapefiles pertaining to the navigation associated with the SeaBOSS system.
  • seaboss - contains numerous subdirectories based on CD number (i.e. cd2444) which contains JPEG images of digitized bottom photographs acquired by SeaBOSS. This folder also contains a PDF version of the log book maintained during data acquisition.

Directory htmldocs: contains the HTML pages accessed within this report. This directory contains the subdirectory icons which contains all the image files and icons utilized in constructing the report HTML pages.

Directory metadata: contains the HTML and ASCII text versions of the metadata files for all the data contained in this report. This directory is further organized into the following subdirectories: gis, seaboss.

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