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Bottom Photographs from the Pulley Ridge Deep Coral Reef, OF 2004-1228

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Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) compliant metadata is available for all the data contained on this DVD. The text, HTML, and FAQ versions of the metadata reside in the metadata directory, under a subdirectory appropriate for the data type. The links to these files are provided below. Each dataset has metadata available in several formats. The information contained within each file is the same, just presented differently to help make the information more user friendly. ArcGIS 8.2 compatible XML metadata is stored in the directory with the actual data files.

Shapefiles generally include *.shp, *.shx, and *.dbf files at a minimum. For the sake of brevity, only the filename prefix has been included in the filename designation listed below. All the files necessary to load a shapefile have been compressed into a single WinZip file. Therefore, these shapefiles can be downloaded directly from the DVD, or by clicking on the filename in the data catalog and saving the "zipped" files to a preferred location and uncompressing them. Image and text files can be transferred in the same manner.

Color shaded-relief images representing the topography of the area are presented as TIFF image files. One image represents the ETOPO2 topography data which has a resolution of 2-minutes. The other, smaller image, is from the Coastal Relief Model at a resolution of 3-seconds. The accompanying world file for each image is necessary to display the image in its appropriate geographic location within a GIS and therefore needs to be downloaded as well. Each of these images is registered in geographic coordinates.

Clicking on the camera icon will give a preview of the dataset. In most cases this image contains other information to help orient the viewer. For instance, the study-area graphic also contains the state boundaries for reference. No graphic is presented for the SeaBOSS images, as these images are all available from the Image Catalogs page.

For guidance in where to obtain software capable of reading a PDF file and uncompressing zipped files, see the system requirements page.

GIS files (data/gis)

Filename Description
Image of camera.
color shaded relief image, geographic coordinates of the Coastal Relief Model elevation data in the study area
Image of camera.
color shaded relief image, geographic coordinates of ETOPO2 elevation data in the study area
Image of camera.
polygon shapefile with a portion of the United States for orientation purposes
Image of camera.
polyline shapefile connecting the photo locations for each dive segment
Image of camera.
point shapefile indicating the locations of bottom photographs
Image of camera.
polygon shapefile of the approximate boundaries of the images collected
Image of camera.
polyline shapefile indicating the location of bottom video acquisition

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SeaBOSS (data/seaboss)
The link below takes the user to the disk location of the images. For a preview of the images, see the Image Catalogs page. Also available in PDF format is the log book from the cruise.

Filename Description
data/seaboss JPEG images of still photos acquired with the SeaBOSS system
03002vid.pdf PDF log book maintained during the SeaBOSS deployments

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