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Professional Paper 1650-E

Atlas of Relations Between Climatic Parameters and Distributions of Important Trees and Shrubs in North America— Ecoregions of North America

Bailey Ecoregions
(Click on an ecoregion name to view the graphical display for that ecoregion.)
Domain Division Province
POLAR DOMAIN Icecap Division Glacial ice

Tundra Division Ice and stoney deserts

Arctic tundras


Tundra Mountains Polar desert

Tundra - polar desert

Tundra - meadow

Oceanic meadow - heath

Subarctic Division Forest-tundras and open woodlands

Tayga (boreal forests)

Subarctic Mountains Open woodland - tundra

Tayga - tundra, medium

Tayga - tundra, high
HUMID TEMPERATE DOMAIN Warm Continental Division Mixed deciduous-coniferous forests

Warm Continental Mountains Mixed forest - coniferous forest - tundra, medium

Mixed forest - coniferous forest - tundra, high

Hot Continental Division Broadleaved forests, oceanic

Broadleaved forests, continental

Hot Continental Mountains Deciduous or mixed forest - coniferous forest - meadow

Broadleaf forest - meadow

Subtropical Division Broadleaved-coniferous evergreen forests

Coniferous-broadleaved semi-evergreen forests

Riverine forest

Subtropical Mountains Mixed forest - meadow

Marine Division Mixed forests

Marine Mountains Deciduous or mixed forest - coniferous forest - meadow

Forest - meadow, medium

Forest - meadow, high

Prairie Division Forest-steppes and prairies

Prairies and savannas

Mediterranean Division Dry steppe

Mediterranean hardleaved evergreen forests, open woodlands and shrub

Redwood forests

Mediterranean Mountains Mixed forest - coniferous forest - alpine meadow

Mediterranean woodland or shrub - mixed or coniferous forest - steppe or meadow

Shrub or woodland - steppe - meadow
DRY DOMAIN Tropical/Subtropical Steppe Division Coniferous open woodland and semideserts


Steppes and shrubs

Shortgrass steppes

Tropical/Subtropical Steppe Mountains Steppe or semidesert - mixed forest - alpine meadow or steppe

Tropical/Subtropical Desert Division Semideserts

Oceanic semideserts

Deserts on sand

Tropical/Subtropical Desert Mountains Semidesert - shrub - open woodland - steppe or alpine meadow

Desert or semidesert - open woodland or shrub - desert or steppe

Temperate Steppe Division Steppes

Dry steppes

Temperate Steppe Mountains Forest-steppe - coniferous forest - meadow - tundra

Steppe - coniferous forest - tundra

Steppe - coniferous forest

Steppe - open woodland - coniferous forest - alpine meadow

Temperate Desert Division Semideserts

Semideserts and deserts

Temperate Desert Mountains Semidesert - open woodland - coniferous forest - alpine meadow
HUMID TROPICAL DOMAIN Savanna Division Open woodlands, shrubs, and savannas

Semi-evergreen forests

Deciduous forests

Savanna Mountains Open woodland - deciduous forest - coniferous forest - steppe or meadow

Forest - steppe

Rainforest Division Semi-evergreen and evergreen forests

Evergreen forests

Rainforest Mountains Evergreen forest - meadow or paramos

The figures included in the Graphical Displays and Histograms sections of this volume are in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF); the latest version of Adobe Reader or similar software is required to view it. Download the latest version of Adobe Reader, free of charge.

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