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Tertiary history of the Grand Canon District, with atlas
Clarence E. Dutton
1882, Monograph 2
This work is chiefly devoted to a description of the methods and results of EROSION upon a grand scale. Since erosion depends for its efficiency principally upon the progressive elevation of a region, and upon its climatal conditions, these collateral subjects are also discussed in their relations to the principal...
Geology of the Comstock lode and the Washoe district, with atlas
George Ferdinand Becker
1882, Monograph 3
The field work for this report was begun in April, 1880, and concluded in March, 1881. In the spring of 1880 the Census of the Mineral Industries West of the Rocky Mountains was placed in my charge in addition to my duties as geologist, and occupied much of my time...
Contributions to the anatomy of birds
R. W. Shufeldt
1882, Report, Twelfth annual report of the Survey
At the present writing we know of but one species of the so-called Burrowing Owls inhabiting America, and this is represented by three existing races, the typical and largest of those being the Athene cunicularia, a species confined to South America, while its two varieties occur with the limits of...
Geological and Geographical Atlas of Colorado and portions of adjacent territory
Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden, Julius Bien (lithographer)
1881, Report
Sheets I-IV are triangulations, drainage, land classification, and geologic maps of Colorado west of longitude 102°, on the scale of 12 miles to the inch. Sheets V-XVI are topographic (contour) and geologic maps of Colorado and adjacent States, between meridians 104° 30' and 109° 30' and parallels 36° 45' and...
Report upon United States geological surveys west of the one hundredth meridian, Volume III: Supplement -- geology
George Montague Wheeler, John J. Stevenson
1881, Report, Report upon United States Geographical Surveys West of the One Hundredth Meridian
The region examined during the seasons of 1878 and 1879 extends north to north latitude 37° 20, and embraces parts of North Central New Mexico, and South Central Colorado. It lies wholly east from the canon of the Rio Grande, includes the mountain area of the Spanish ranges to their...
Report on the geology of the high plateaus of Utah
C. E. Dutton, John Wesley Powell
1880, Report
In the year 1874 my kind friend Prof. J.W. Powell proposed to me that I should undertake, under his direction, the study of a large volcanic tract in the Territory of Utah, provided the consent of proper authority could be entertained. Distrusting my own fitness for the work, I...