Water Resources of Colorado


NOTE.--Data for partial-record stations and miscellaneous sites for both surface-water discharge and quality are published in separate sections of the data report. (Letter after station name designates type and frequency of published data.

Daily tables: (D) discharge, (C) specific conductance, (S) sediment, (T) temperature, (E) elevation or contents,
(O) dissolved oxygen, (P) pH, (R) precipitation, (TU) turbidity.
Periodic tables: (c) chemical, (b) biological, (e) elevation or contents, (m) microbiological, (s) sediment, (t) temperature.)


Colorado River Headwaters:  
Colorado River below Baker Gulch near Grand Lake (D) 09010500
Lake Granby near Granby (etcbm) 09018500
Colorado River near Granby (D) 09019500


Fraser River at upper station near Winter Park (Dtc) 09022000
Fraser River below Buck Creek at Winter Park (tc) 09023750
Fraser River at Winter Park (D) 09024000
Vasquez Creek at Winter Park (D) 09025000
Fraser River below Vasquez Creek at Winter Park (tc) 09025010
Elk Creek at upper station near Fraser (D) 09025300
St. Louis Creek near Fraser (D) 09026500
Fraser River at Tabernash (tc) 09027100
Ranch Creek near Fraser (Dtcm) 09032000
Cabin Creek near Fraser (D) 09032100
Ranch Creek below Cabin Creek near Tabernash (tcm) 395840105472700
Ranch Creek below Meadow Creek near Tabernash (Dtcm) 09033100
Crooked Creek below Tipperary Creek near Tabernash (tcm) 395634105532401
Crooked Creek above Pole Creek at Tabernash (tcm) 395927105505700
Pole Creek at upper station near Tabernash (tcm) 395901105550800
Pole Creek at mouth near Tabernash (tcm) 395930105510700
Fraser River below Crooked Creek at Tabernash (Dtcm) 09033300
Fraser River at Highway 40 at Granby (tcm) 400453105554200
Tenmile Creek above pond above Eightmile Creek near Granby (tcm) 400207105565900
Tenmile Creek near Granby (tcm) 400352105550700
Tenmile Creek above mouth near Granby (tcm) 400433105560600
Colorado River at Windy Gap near Granby (Dct) 09034250


Bobtail Creek near Jones Pass (D) 09034900
Williams Fork below Steelman Creek (D) 09035500
Williams Fork above Darling Creek near Leal (D) 09035700
Darling Creek near Leal (D) 09035800
South Fork Williams Fork near Leal (D) 09035900
Williams Fork near Leal (D) 09036000
Williams Fork near Parshall (D) 09037500
Williams Fork below Williams Fork Reservoir (D) 09038500


Muddy Creek above Antelope Creek near Kremmling (DtcmsCT) 09041090
Wolford Mountain Reservoir at Inflow near Kremmling (tc) 401110106244800
Wolford Mountain Reservoir at Midlake near Kremmling (tcm) 400841106240600
Alkali Slough #2 at Wolford Mountain Reservoir near Kremmling (ct) 400812106254800
Wolford Mountain Reservoir near Kremmling (ectmb) 09041395
Muddy Creek below Wolford Mountain Reservoir near Kremmling (DctmCTO) 09041400


Monte Cristo Creek (head of Blue River):  
Monte Cristo diversion near Hoosier Pass (D) 09041900
Bemrose-Hoosier diversion near Hoosier Pass (D) 09044300
McCullough-Spruce-Crystal diversion near Hoosier Pass (D) 09044800
Blue River at Blue River (D) 09046490
French Gulch at Breckenridge (D) 09046530
Blue River near Dillon (D) 09046600
Snake River near Montezuma (D) 09047500
Keystone Gulch near Dillon (D) 09047700
Tenmile Creek below North Tenmile Creek at Frisco (D) 09050100
Blue River below Dillon (D) 09050700
Straight Creek below Laskey Gulch near Dillon (D) 09051050
Blue River below Green Mountain Reservoir (D) 09057500
Colorado River near Kremmling (Dctm) 09058000


Piney River below Piney Lake near Minturn (D) 09058500
Dickson Creek near Vail (D) 09058610
Freeman Creek near Minturn (D) 09058700
East Meadow Creek near Minturn (D) 09058800
Piney River near State Bridge (D) 09059500


East Fork Eagle River near Climax (D) 09061600
East Fork Eagle River near Red Cliff (ctm) 392511106164000
Eagle River at Red Cliff (Dctms) 09063000
Wearyman Creek near Red Cliff (D) 09063200
Turkey Creek near Red Cliff (D) 09063400
Missouri Creek near Gold Park (D) 09063900
Homestake Creek at Gold Park (D) 09064000
Homestake Creek near Red Cliff (D) 09064500
Eagle River near Minturn (DT) 09064600
Cross Creek near Minturn (D) 09065100
Gore Creek at upper station near Minturn (D) 09065500
Black Gore Creek near Minturn (D) 09066000
Bighorn Creek near Minturn (D) 09066100
Pitkin Creek near Minturn (D) 09066150
Booth Creek near Minturn (D) 09066200
Middle Creek near Minturn (D) 09066300
Gore Creek above Red Sandstone Creek at Vail (D) 09066325
Red Sandstone Creek near Minturn (D) 09066400
Gore Creek at mouth near Minturn (DctmsT) 09066510
Beaver Creek at Avon (D) 09067000
Eagle River at Avon (ctms) 09067005
Eagle River below Wastewater Treatment Plant at Avon (D) 09067020
Lake Creek near Edwards (D) 09067200
Eagle River below Milk Creek near Wolcott (ctms) 394220106431500
Eagle River at Gypsum (ctms) 09069000
Eagle River below Gypsum (DT) 09070000
Colorado River near Dotsero (D) 09070500


Roaring Fork River above Difficult Creek near Aspen (Dctm) 09073300
Roaring Fork River near Aspen (D) 09073400
Hunter Creek near Aspen (D) 09074000
Ruedi Reservoir near Basalt (e) 09080190
Fryingpan River near Ruedi (D) 09080400
Roaring Fork River near Emma (Dctms) 09081000
Crystal River above Avalanche Creek near Redstone (Dctm) 09081600
Crystal River below Carbondale (Dctm) 09083800
Roaring Fork River at Glenwood Springs (DctmT) 09085000
Colorado River below Glenwood Springs (D) 09085100


West Divide Creek near Raven (D) 09089500


Rifle Gap Reservoir near Rifle (e) 09091900


Dry Fork at upper station near De Beque (Dcts) 09095300
Colorado River near Cameo (DctCT) 09095500


Plateau Creek below Collbran (D) 09097900
Plateau Creek near Cameo (DctCT) 09105000
Colorado River below Grand Valley Diversion near Palisade (D) 09106150


Lewis Wash near Grand Junction (Dct) 09106200


Taylor River at Taylor Park (D) 09107000
Taylor Park Reservoir at Taylor Park (e) 09108500
Taylor River below Taylor Park Reservoir (D) 09109000
Taylor River at Almont (D) 09110000
East River above Crested Butte (ctmb) 385408106543600
East River above Slate River, near Crested Butte (ctmb) 384950106544200
Slate River above Coal Creek, near Crested Butte (ctmbs) 385240106583600
Coal Creek above mouth at Crested Butte (ctmbs) 385224106590100
Washington Gulch below Woods Creek at Mt. Crested Butte (ctmb) 385325106581200
Slate River near Crested Butte (Dctmbs) 09111500
East River below Cement Creek near Crested Butte (Dctmbs) 09112200
East River at Almont (Dctmb) 09112500
Ohio Creek above mouth near Gunnison (Dctmb) 09113980
Gunnison River near Gunnison (Dctmb) 09114500
Tomichi Creek at Sargents (D) 09115500
Quartz Creek below Pitkin (ctmbs) 383604106312400
Cochetopa Creek below Rock Creek near Parlin (D) 09118450
Tomichi Creek below Cochetopa Creek near Parlin (ctmbs) 383126106475600
Tomichi Creek at Gunnison (Dctmbs) 09119000
Gunnison River at County Road 32 below Gunnison (ctmb) 383103106594200
Lake Fork at Gateview (D) 09124500
Silver Jack Reservoir near Cimarron (e) 09125800
Cimarron River near Cimarron (D) 09126000
Gunnison River below Gunnison tunnel (DCT, TU) 09128000
Paonia Reservoir near Bardine (e) 09131495
North Fork Gunnison River near Somerset (D) 09132500
Hubbard Creek above Iron Point Gulch near Bowie (D) 09132940
Hubbard Creek at Highway 133 at mouth near Bowie (D) 09132960
East Fork Terror Creek below Cottonwood Stomp near Bowie (D) 09132985
Terror Creek at mouth near Bowie (D) 09132995
Minnesota Creek near Paonia (D) 09134000
North Fork Gunnison River below Paonia (D) 09134100
North Fork Gunnison River below Leroux Creek near Hotchkiss (D) 09135950
Surface Creek near Cedaredge (D) 09143000
Surface Creek at Cedaredge (D) 09143500
Fruit Growers Reservoir near Orchard City (e) 09143600
Gunnison River at Delta (D) 09144250
Uncompahgre River near Ouray (Dctm) 09146020
Uncompahgre River near Ridgway (Dctm) 09146200
Dallas Creek near Ridgway (D) 09147000
Ridgway Reservoir near Ridgway (e) 09147022
Uncompahgre River below Ridgway Reservoir (D) 09147025
Uncompahgre River at Colona (D) 09147500
Uncompahgre River at Delta (Dct) 09149500
Gunnison River near Grand Junction (DctCT) 09152500
Callow Creek at Whitewater (D) 09152520
Colorado River near Colorado-Utah State line (DctsCT) 09163500


Dolores River below Rico (D) 09165000
Dolores River at Dolores (D) 09166500
Lost Canyon Creek near Dolores (D) 09166950
Dolores River near Slick Rock (D) 09168730
Dolores River at Bedrock (DctCT) 09169500
West Paradox Creek above Bedrock (ct) 09170800
Dolores River near Bedrock (DctCT) 09171100
San Miguel River near Placerville (D) 09172500
San Miguel River at Brooks Bridge near Nucla (D) 09174600
San Miguel River at Uravan (D) 09177000


Green River above Gates of Lodore (T) 404417108524900
Yampa River above Stagecoach Reservoir (D) 09237450
Yampa River below Stagecoach Reservoir (D) 09237500
Fish Creek at upper station near Steamboat Springs (D) 09238900
Yampa River at Steamboat Springs (DctmT) 09239500
Elk River above Clark (D) 09240900
Elk River at Clark (D) 09241000
Elk River near Milner (D) 09242500
Elkhead Creek above Long Gulch near Hayden (DctmsCT) 09246200
Elkhead Creek below Elkhead Reservoir (ts) 403318107230100
Fortification Creek near Fortification (D) 09246920
Yampa River below Craig (Dctm) 09247600
Yampa River near Maybell (DctCPT) 09251000
Yampa River above Little Snake River near Maybell (D) 09251100
Little Snake River near Slater (D) 09253000
Slater Fork near Slater (D) 09255000
Little Snake River near Lily (D) 09260000
Yampa River at Deerlodge Park (DctmT) 393 09260050
North Fork White River at Buford (ctm) 09303000
South Fork White River at Buford (ctm) 09304000
White River below North Elk Creek near Buford (D) 09304115
White River above Dry Creek near Meeker (ctm) 395650107435600
White River above Coal Creek near Meeker (Dctm) 09304200
White River near Meeker (D) 09304500
White River below Meeker (Dctms) 09304800
Piceance Creek below Ryan Gulch near Rio Blanco (Dcts) 09306200
Piceance Creek at White River (Dctms) 09306222
Corral Gulch near Rangely (Dcts) 09306242
Yellow Creek near White River (Dctms) 09306255
White River below Boise Creek near Rangely (Dctms) 09306290
White River below Taylor Draw Reservoir above Rangely (ctm) 09306305


East Fork San Juan River above Sand Creek near Pagosa Springs (D) 09339900
San Juan River at Pagosa Springs (D) 09342500
San Juan River near Carracas (D) 09346400
Piedra River near Arboles (D) 09349800
Vallecito Creek near Bayfield (D) 09352900
Vallecito Reservoir near Bayfield (e) 09353000
Los Pinos River near Ignacio (D) 09353800
Los Pinos River at La Boca (D) 09354500
Spring Creek at La Boca (D) 09355000
Animas River at Silverton (D) 09358000
Cement Creek at Silverton (D) 09358550
Mineral Creek at Silverton (D) 09359010
Animas River below Silverton (Dct) 09359020
Animas River at Durango (D) 09361500
Lemon Reservoir near Durango (e) 09362800
La Plata River at Hesperus (D) 09365500
La Plata River at Colorado-New Mexico State line (D) 09366500
Mancos River near Towaoc (D) 09371000
Mud Creek at Highway 32 near Cortez (DctCT) 09371492
McElmo Creek above Trail Canyon near Cortez (DctCT) 09371520
McElmo Creek near Colorado-Utah State line (Dct) 09372000


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