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QuickTime* Movie of the Helicopter Transport of the Survey Vessel into Crater Lake

At the time of the survey there was no boat on the lake capable of conducting the multibeam survey and the survey vessel (Surf Surveyor) could not be towed down the Cleetwood Cove trail, the only trail down to the lake surface and a 200 m (650 ft) elevation change. Therefore the Surf Surveyor had to be transported to the lake surface by a Chinook helicopter operated by the U.S. Army Reserve.

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Description of the movie

A Chinook helicopter operated by the U.S. Army Reserve out of Ft. Lewis, WA. lifts the 26 foot survey vessel RV Surf Surveyor off the transport truck parked close to Merriam Point on the northwest side of Crater Lake. The helicopter lifts the boat over the rim of the caldera and down towards the lake. The view switches to a vantage point on the south side of Wizard Island and shows the helicopter gently dropping the boat into the water. (3 min 10 sec)

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February 5, 2002