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Clifford Kenwood1, Frank T. Manheim2, Christopher Polloni2, and S. Jeffress Williams3

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This presentation is a cooperative effort between the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation and the U.S. Geological Survey. Its original intent was to make available an existing large bibliography of environmental and geological information on Lake Pontchartrain Basin to participants in the series of symposia sponsored by the Pontchartrain Research Committee. It became clear that the material would be more widely accessible to users, including students, teachers, and the general public, if it were visually enhanced and released in CD ROM format. This presentation has been prepared both as a CD ROM and as a Web site for those with access to the Internet. It contains examples of illustrations that would not be available in normal local libraries, including a slide show designed to introduce Lake Pontchartrain to school and general audiences, satellite photographs, and downloadable environmental atlas pages. It also includes information on presentations and organizations involved in a series of scientific conferences on the environment of Lake Pontchartrain.

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U.S. Geological Survey Open File Report #96-527

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Transformation of the original LPBF electronic file was completed by John C. Hathaway2 and Polly Hastings2
Final CD-ROM design and layout by Andrew McIntire2 and Gordon Morehouse2

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