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Central Texas
April 29 to May 1, 1894
A narrow band of 5-6 in. of rain from vicinity of Bandera, Kendall, Blanco, and Travis Counties to Lamar County caused minor flooding.
Deaths and Damage:   Unknown
Max. Precipitation:   Unknown
Severity:   Major Storm
Storm Center(s):   Bandera Co.
Kendall Co.
Blanco Co.
Travis Co.
References:   U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, unpub. data

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Central Texas
August 1 to 4, 1978
Rain initiated by the remnants of Tropical Storm Amelia fell over Central Texas Aug. 1-4. Rainfall of more than 48 in. near Medina in Bandera County established a U.S. record of extreme point rainfall for a 72-hour period. A second storm resulted from the interaction of a cold front with a maritime air mass producing 32.5 in. at Albany in Shackelford County, with 23 in. during the 8 hours ending 2:00 a.m. Aug. 4. Major flooding occurred on the Medina and Guadalupe Rivers. read more...
Deaths and Damage:   Thirty-three lives were lost, and total damages reportedly exceeded $110 million.
Max. Precipitation:   48.00 in.
Severity:   Catastrophic
Storm Center(s):   Shackelford Co., Albany
Bandera Co.
References:   Asquith and Slade, 1995; Schroeder and others, 1987

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