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Central Texas
June 10 to 15, 1935
Heavy rain over the Colorado and Nueces River Basins caused flooding greater than any known before. The Llano and West Nueces Rivers experienced extraordinary floods. There were few official rain gages in the area, but unofficial records were compiled from many sources. Heavy rain of 4-12 in. fell during 24 hours. read more...
Deaths and Damage:   No loss of life was reported. Flooding caused damage of $20 million.
Max. Precipitation:   18.30 in. (Kimble Co.)
17.60 in. (Edwards Co.)
Severity:   Catastrophic
Storm Center(s):   Kimble Co., Segovia
Edwards Co., Carta Valley
References:   Asquith and Slade, 1995; Dalrymple and others, 1939, p. 236-240










Rio Grande Watershed
June 23 to 24, 1948
Intense storms were centered along the divide between the Devils River and the tributaries lying immediately to the east June 23-24. The rain began during the morning June 23 and continued into the next day, with the most intense rain early morning June 24. The storm had three separate storm centers, each receiving 24 in. or more rain in less than 24 hours. read more...
Deaths and Damage:   Total flood damage was estimated at $3.6 million.
Max. Precipitation:   24.00 in.
Severity:   Catastrophic
Storm Center(s):   Val Verde Co.
Kinney Co.
Edwards Co.
References:   International Boundary and Water Commission, 1949, p. 4-18





Val Verde and Adjacent Counties
September 23 to 25, 1955
Rain in large amounts and of severe intensity fell Sept. 23-25 on extreme upper ends of the Nueces and South Llano River Basins and eastern Devils River Basin. A 10-in. rainfall center occurred on the West Nueces River northeast of Brackettville and west of Laguna. A 15-in. center occurred on the Dry Devils River north of Carta Valley and west of Rocksprings. A 24-in. center occurred on the Nueces River near the mouth of Hackberry Creek southeast of Rocksprings. Most of the rain fell during the night Sept. 23 and morning Sept. 24.
Deaths and Damage:   Unknown
Max. Precipitation:   24.00 in.
Severity:   Major Storm
Storm Center(s):   Edwards Co., Rocksprings
References:   Wells, 1962, p. 123-127

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South-Central Texas
October 27 to 28, 1996
Up to 12 in. of rainfall in a 2-day period in south-central Texas caused flooding in the Nueces, Dry Frio, and Guadalupe River Basins. read more...
Deaths and Damage:   Unknown
Max. Precipitation:   12.00 in. (Gillespie Co.)
11.00 in. (Edwards Co.)
Severity:   Major Storm
Storm Center(s):   Gillespie Co., Harper
Edwards Co., Rocksprings
References:   John Patton, National Weather Service, written commun., 1999

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