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Edwards Plateau
September 13 to 17, 1915
The largest amounts of rain fell on Brown and Pecos Counties. The range in precipitation for the period was 3 in. in Brown County to 9 in. in Kimble County.
Deaths and Damage:   Unknown
Max. Precipitation:   9.17 in.
Severity:   Major Storm
Storm Center(s):   Kimble Co., Junction
References:   U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, unpub. data

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Central Texas
June 10 to 15, 1935
Heavy rain over the Colorado and Nueces River Basins caused flooding greater than any known before. The Llano and West Nueces Rivers experienced extraordinary floods. There were few official rain gages in the area, but unofficial records were compiled from many sources. Heavy rain of 4-12 in. fell during 24 hours. read more...
Deaths and Damage:   No loss of life was reported. Flooding caused damage of $20 million.
Max. Precipitation:   18.30 in. (Kimble Co.)
17.60 in. (Edwards Co.)
Severity:   Catastrophic
Storm Center(s):   Kimble Co., Segovia
Edwards Co., Carta Valley
References:   Asquith and Slade, 1995; Dalrymple and others, 1939, p. 236-240










Central and East Texas
September 5 to 10, 1980
Tropical Storm Danielle produced torrential rains over a large part of Texas. Jefferson and Orange Counties had 12-16 in. of rain. In Kimble County, downpours of 25 in. caused massive flooding along the Llano River. The San Angelo area in Tom Green County had 5-9 in. of rain. The effects of Danielle were felt as far west as Big Bend National Park, where 4-8 in. fell.
Deaths and Damage:   Floodwaters damaged about 900 homes, 175 businesses, and hundreds of automobiles. Kimble, Mason, Menard, and Llano Counties had damages totaling $20 million.
Max. Precipitation:   25.00 in.
Severity:   Catastrophic
Storm Center(s):   Kimble Co., Junction
References:   Bomar, 1983a, p. 88-94

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