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South-Central Texas
February 20 to 22, 1958
Heavy rains Feb. 20-22 caused major flooding on many small streams in central and South Texas. In the Brazos River Basin, as much as 6 in. of rain caused flash flooding on Brushy Creek and the Lampasas and San Gabriel Rivers. In the Colorado River Basin, flooding generally was confined to the narrow part of the basin downstream of Austin. Major flooding also occurred in the Guadalupe River Basin downstream of New Braunfels. Victoria was the only city in the Guadalupe River watershed to experience any serious flooding. About 26 blocks of the city were flooded requiring the evacuation of about 350 people. In the Nueces River watershed, flash flooding occurred in the upper basin. Major flooding occurred in the Nueces River and its tributaries below Cotulla in La Salle County.
Deaths and Damage:   Flooding from the storm caused two deaths on the Guadalupe River, and damage exceeded $1 million.
Max. Precipitation:   Unknown
Severity:   Major Storm
Storm Center(s):   Hays Co.
Caldwell Co.
La Salle Co.
References:   Hendricks, 1963b, p. 13-14

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