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South-Central and South Texas
March 31 to April 2, 1916
The rain of March 31st continued into April and spread to other parts of the State, ending a drought. The largest amounts of rain fell in Blanco, Bosque, and Kendall Counties.
Deaths and Damage:   Unknown
Max. Precipitation:   6.40 in. (Hamilton Co.)
4.70 in. (Medina Co.)
Severity:   Major Storm
Storm Center(s):   Hamilton Co., Hico
Medina Co., Hondo
References:   U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, unpub. data

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Seco Creek Basin
May 31, 1935
Heavy rainfall over the Seco Creek Basin above DíHanis in early morning May 31 caused the creek to rise rapidly and reach the highest historical stage for DíHanis. There were no rain gages in the basin during the storm, and receptacles ordinarily used for measuring rainfall ran over or were washed away. Bucket surveys estimated that 22-24 in. of rain fell over a small area, and that 12-14 in. fell at other points during 3 hours or less. The National Weather Service reports that a maximum of 22 in. of rain fell in 2 hours and 45 minutes. An average amount of more than 9 in. fell on the entire 80-mi2 watershed. read more...
Deaths and Damage:   Four children and one woman drowned. Damage to railroad and highways was estimated at $48,500.
Max. Precipitation:   22.00 in. (Medina Co.)
24.00 in.
Severity:   Catastrophic
Storm Center(s):   Medina Co., DíHanis
References:   Dalrymple and others, 1939, p. 232-236