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Pecos River and Rio Grande Watersheds
August 26 to September 8, 1932
A very heavy, general storm covered most of the Rio Grande Basin below El Paso and Carlsbad, starting first at the lower end of the basin. The rain produced large peak discharges at several streamflow-gaging stations. The first excessive rainfall was at Muzquiz, Coahuila, Mexico, Aug. 26, and at Fort Davis, Tex., Aug. 27 and 29. Sonora recorded 7.66 in. Aug. 31 and 6.08 in. Sept. 1. The heavy rainfall caused floods of unprecedented size.
Deaths and Damage:   In the United States, flooding killed nine, and damage was estimated at $1 million.
Max. Precipitation:   13.74 in.
Severity:   Major Storm
Storm Center(s):   Sutton Co., Sonora
References:   Asquith and Slade, 1995; International Boundary Commission, 1932

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