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Open-File Report 2005-1084

Multichannel seismic-reflection data acquired off the coast of southern California – Part A 1997, 1998, 1999, and 2000.

Cruise history
Data acquisition methods
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A-1-00-SC Data table

The following table contains the SEG-Y seismic data, and TIFF and JPEG images of profile plots for each reflection line. Some of these files are quite large, and download times may therefore be long.

To view and download the ascii navigation for cruise A-1-00-SC, click the following link: A-1-00-SC ASCII NAVIGATION

On Macintosh:
• For SEG-Y and TIFF, option-click on link.
• For JPEG, click on link. Once web page loads, click on image and hold for a few seconds. With mouse button still down, move mouse and a menu will come up. Select "Download Image to Disk".

On Windows:
• For SEG-Y and TIFF, right-click on link.
• For JPEG, click on link. Once web page loads, right-click on image and a menu comes up. Select "Save Picture As".

Note: X-axis on profiles is shotpoints, y-axis is round trip travel time in milliseconds. Time zero is sea surface.

Seismic-reflection data tracklines
Year Reflection Profiles SEG-Y

2000 248 18.5 4.9 0.5
318 19.5 4.6 0.5
320 22.0 5.0 0.5
320D 5.3 1.2 0.2
322 23.2 7.2 0.5
322D 6.6 1.5 0.2
907 38.0 6.8 0.7
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