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Instructions for observing air temperature, humidity, and direction and force of wind
Water Resources Division, U.S. Geological Survey
1892, Division of Hydrography Circular 2
Description of instruments.-The temperature and humidity of the air are obtained from the simultaneous observation of a pair of mercurial thermometers termed the dry and the wet bulb. The air temperature is given by the dry-bulb thermometer, and the humidity is obtained from the combined readings of both. The wet-bulb...
Index to the known fossil insects of the world, including myriapods and arachnids
Samuel Hubbard Scudder
1891, Bulletin 71
With the view of furthering study in the too neglected field of fossil insects, I transmit herewith for publication the card catalogue of described fossil insects which I have used for twenty years and kept constantly up to date, and which has greatly facilitated my own researches. It is believed...
Record of North American geology for 1887 to 1889, inclusive
Nelson Horatio Darton
1891, Bulletin 75
The literary scope of this record includes geologic publications printed in North America and publications on North American geology wherever printed. Chronologically it includes publications issued during the years 1887,1888, and 1889. The List of Publications Examined, page 9, indicates the range of the sources of information....
A dictionary of altitudes in the United States (second edition)
Henry Gannett
1891, Bulletin 76
I have the honor to transmit herewith the manuscript of a second edition of a Dictionary of Altitudes, the first edition having been published in 1884. The present work is considerably enlarged, mainly by the addition of determinations of altitudes by railroads. Besides the additions of matter, the principal change...
Altitudes between Lake Superior and the Rocky Mountains
Warren Upham
1891, Bulletin 72
In the survey of Lake Agassiz, a preliminary report of which forms Bulletin No. 39, it was found necessary to ascertain the altitudes determined within its area by railroad surveys as the basis for leveling along the shore lines of that glacial lake, and learning their relations in height to...