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Data Series 982

Archive of Ground Penetrating Radar Data Collected During USGS Field Activity 13BIM01: Dauphin Island, Alabama, April 2013

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Data Downloads

The data described in this report, including processed GPR data, post-processed GPS data, trackline location maps, and GIS data files with accompanying formal FDGC metadata, can be downloaded from the table below. Additionally, the elevation-corrected profile (where applicable) images for each line can be viewed by clicking on the individual trackline within the ArcMap document included in this archive and available in the table below.

GPR trace data and post-processed GPS data are provided in ASCII format. The GPS data files can be viewed using any text editor. Due to the size and nature of the GPR data, it is best viewed using software packages such as MathWorks Matlab R2015a, Reflexw, GNU Octave, or other XYZ type packages that are capable of importing and easily displaying this type of data. The GPR profile images are provided in JPEG format and can be viewed using standard image viewing software. The GPR trackline locations are provided as Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri) polyline data files (.shp) and Keyhole Markup Language (KML) formats; these files can be accessed using the free ArcGIS Explorer or Google Earth GIS viewers. All GIS data files presented in this report were created using the World Geodetic System of 1984 (WGS84) coordinate system.

ArcMap Document

The map document and shapefiles used to create the hyperlinked GPR trackline map provided in this archive can be found in the table below by clicking on the file named The map document was created with Personal Computer (PC)-compatible Esri ArcGIS 10.2 software. The aforementioned file also contains an images folder, which stores the JPEG (.jpg) images of the profile for each trackline.  To access these images using ArcMap 10.2, open the map document and click on the hyperlink button (the symbol is a lightning bolt) located on the toolbar. Once this button is activated, the trackline names will all change to blue, indicating they are hyperlinks. Selecting a trackline will open the associated profile image. All metadata files are provided in text and machine-readable Extensible Markup Language (XML) formats. *Note: ArcMap 10.2 .mxd files are not backward compatible; however, the shapefiles can be viewed using earlier versions of ArcGIS software.

File Name Download File (zip format) Metadata (txt format) Metadata (xml format) (4.6 GB) 13BIM01_gpr_trace_metadata.txt 13BIM01_gpr_trace_metadata.xml (10.3 MB) 13BIM01_gis_metadata.txt 13BIM01_gis_metadata.xml (4.1 MB) 13BIM01_gps_metadata.txt 13BIM01_gps_metadata.xml (9.6 MB) n/a n/a

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