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Photographs of the Sea Floor Offshore of New York and New Jersey, USGS Open-File Report 01-470

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Appendices:    I. Bottom Photographs    /    II. Sea Floor Movies    /    III. Sediment Texture    /    IV. ArcView Project    /    V. Metadata

Appendix III: Sediment Texture

Sediment Sample Location Map .

Figure 8. Map showing sediment sample locations. The PDF format provides a larger map. See the individual cruise maps (Appendix I) for maps showing the station numbers in the excel file.

The surficial sediment texture analyses from all stations are presented in an Excel file. See Poppe and others (2000), for a description of the procedures for sediment texture analysis and Hastings and others (2000, URL: for a data dictionary describing the column headings in the table. Abbreviated surficial sediment texture information is available on the station pages in Appendix I.

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