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Photographs of the Sea Floor Offshore of New York and New Jersey, USGS Open-File Report 01-470

Title Page / Contents / Software / Introduction / Photo System / Photographs / Movies / Acknowledgments / References / List of Figures
Appendices:    I. Bottom Photographs    /    II. Sea Floor Movies    /    III. Sediment Texture    /    IV. ArcView Project    /    V. Metadata

Software notes

PDF files: To view the figures in this report in .pdf format requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed on your computer. Download a free copy of Acrobat Reader at URL:

Quicktime movies: To view the digital movies in this report (Appendix II) in QuickTime format requires QuickTime to be installed on your computer. Download a free copy of QuickTime at URL:

ArcView Project: This DVD contains two ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute (URL: ArcView project files that enable the user to view the bottom photographs with other spatial information. Both projects require ArcView 3.2 to be installed on your computer. The MrSID Image support extension must be loaded to view the sidescan sonar theme (Apex_li.sid) that has been compressed with LizardTech (URL: MrSID Geospatial Encoder 1.3.1 image compression utility. Project nyofr01_470.apr (see 1 below) allows the user to view the NOAA Coastal Relief Model bathymetry theme (remosaic) as gridded data. Project nyofr01_470_b.apr (2 below) presents these grid data as images. See Appendix IV for further instructions for running the ArcView project.

  1. ArcView Project nyofr01_470.apr
    This project requires Spatial Analyst 1.0 (purchased separately from ESRI) to be installed on your computer. In addition, copy three files (namedextent.apr, namedextent.avx and lonlatdisplay.avx files) associated with two user-developed extensions from the nybgis\gis\nyscripts directory into the C:\ESRI\AV_GIS30\ARCVIEW\EXT32 directory on your computer.

  2. ArcView Project nyofr01_470_b.apr.
    This project does not require Spatial Analyst or the user-developed extensions and presents the NOAA coastal relief bathymetry as an image.

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