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Open-File Report 03-85

Nearshore Benthic Habitat GIS for the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and Southern California State Fisheries Reserves Volume 1

By Guy R. Cochrane, Nicole M. Nasby, Jane A. Reid, Ben Waltenberger, Kristen M. Lee

GIS Description
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Regional Data

Mapped areas
  S. Vandenberg
  N. Anacapa
  S. San Miguel
  Big Sycamore

Data Catalog

Revision History


Each GIS data file is listed with a brief description, a link to a graphic, links to metadata files, and a link to the downloadable file. The data were compiled in ArcInfo (version 8.0.2, ESRI, 1998-2002). Raster data layers are registered TIFF images in the UTM Zone 10 coordinate system with datum NAD83. Point, line and polygon features are in shapefile format, and are in geographic units (latitude, longitude) with horizontal datum NAD83. We recommend you create a single new folder within which to unzip the files you want to use. Some .tgz files will generate sub-folders when unzipped. These folders should not be changed if you intend to use the ArcView project provided below.

The downloadable files have been compressed with the UNIX 'tar' and 'gzip' commands and can be unzipped by 'gunzip' on UNIX systems or with Winzip on Windows systems. The numbers following ".tgz" are the file size when compressed and uncompressed. The .tgz file for a TIFF image includes the image (.tif), the world registration file (.tfw), and the metadata file (.txt). The .tgz for a shape file includes a .shp, .shx, and .dbf file and the metadata .txt file.

Some virus-detection software will misinterpret the compressed format as virus-bearing. Use the override option (for example, "Stop" in McAfee VirusScan) to complete the file transfer.

ArcView Project File

Save this ArcView Project file scagisv1.apr (compressed, 43K; uncompressed, 239K) to the directory you created for this GIS to view the GIS with ArcView.

GIS data files

ArcView Theme Description

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Compressed shape files

Right-click (Windows) or click-and-hold (Macintosh) to download files from web

coastline from 1:24,000-scale sources

cacoast.html (51K)


cacoast.tgz 10M (18M)

Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary Boundary

cinms6nm.html (77K)


cinms6nm.tgz 8K (15K)

California state waters (3 nautical miles)

calif3nm.html (81K)


calif3nm.tgz 82K (113K)

Existing marine protected area boundaries in Southern California

South Vandenberg Reserve

svanrsv.html (59K)

text FAQ

svanrsv.tgz 11K (19K)

North Anacapa Island

nanarsv.html (45K)

text FAQ

nanarsv.tgz 6K (18K)

Big Sycamore Reserve

bsycrsv.html (43K)

text FAQ

bsycrsv.tgz 16K (27K)

Proposed marine protected area boundaries in Southern California

scampa.html (58K)


scampa.tgz 7K (16K)

Survey tracks from one-minute (time) navigation fixes.

scasstrk.html (6K)


scasstrk.tgz 137K (462K)
Sidescan sonar backscatter images
1-m pixels
South Vandenberg Reserve n/a

text FAQ

svan1m.tgz 47M (138M)

South San Miguel Island n/a

text FAQ

smig1m.tgz 36M (106M)

North Anacapa Island n/a

text FAQ

nana1m.tgz 42M (78M)

Big Sycamore Reserve n/a

text FAQ

bsyc1m.tgz 40M (133M)

Scuba and ROV dive habitat observations
South Vandenberg Reserve svanobs.html (29K)

text FAQ

svanobs.tgz 5K (18K)

South San Miguel Island smigobs.html (45K)

text FAQ

smigobs.tgz 5K(16K)

North Anacapa Island nanaobs.html (27K)

text FAQ

nanaobs.tgz 6K (23K)

Big Sycamore Reserve bsycobs.html (32K)

text FAQ

bsycobs.tgz 6K (20K)

Bathymetric contours from 1:250,000-scale NOAA charts

cins10m.html (23K)


cins10m.tgz 59.7M (84.9M)

Location and contents of samples (USSEABED, 1999)

scasmpl.html (55K)


scasmpl.tgz 56K (275K)
Benthic habitat polygon shape files:
South Vandenberg Reserve

svanhab.html (118K)

text FAQ

svanhab.tgz 42K (146K)

South San Miguel Island

smighab.html (252K)

text FAQ

smighab.tgz 703K (1.9M)

North Anacapa Island

nanahab.html (249K)

text FAQ

nanahab.tgz 2.3 M (16.7M)

Big Sycamore Reserve

bsychab.html (140K)

text FAQ

bsychab.tgz 162K (274K)

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