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USGS Open-File Report 03-474, G1-03-GM, Gas Hydrates Cruise Report, R/V Gyre, 1-14 May 2003, Northern Gulf of Mexico

Appendix 5: Ship Roster and Specifications

Name Function
Dana O. Dyer III Captain
Gary Spitler First Mate
Joseph Hebert Second Mate
Dallas Francis AB Seaman
Carlos Cano AB Seaman
Jerry Rogers Chief Engineer
David Fountain Oiler
Claude Walker Steward
Robert Eppling Messman
Bill Green Science/Deck Engineer

R/V Gyre Ship Specifications

Length: 55.5 m
Breadth: 11 m
Freeboard: 1.4 m
Draft: 4 m
Year Built: 1973
Operator: Texas A&M University
Gross Tonnage: 292 GRT
Fuel: 278 m3
Wet Lab Area: 15 m2
Dry Lab Area: 81 m2
Free Deck Area: 181 m2
Range: 8,000 nm
Cruising Spd: 9.5 kts
Max Spd: 11.5 kts
Endurance: 35 days
Ship Crew: 9-14
Science Crew: 23
Airconditioned: yes

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