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USGS Open-File Report 2004-1400

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We thank Captain John Wilder, the officers and crew of the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) research vessel Ronald H. Brown for their professional support and extra effort in providing an operational platform with adequate resources to acquire the data for this project. Field work was funded by NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration. We also thank Catalina Martinez, Rex Roettger, Taconya Piper, Amy Kennedy and Rebecca Lester for their help during this expedition. We also thank colleagues Jane Denny and Dave Foster for their reviews, and Valerie Paskevich for her GIS Geodatabase representation guidance. The data in this report includes a portion of the trench surveyed during September 2002 using the same equipment and processed by Lt. Shep Smith, NOAA and Chuck Worley, USGS.

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