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USGS Open-File Report 2004-1400

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3D Visualization

Interactive Visualization Systems (IVS) Fledermaus software suite was used to drape the sidescan-sonar data on the bathymetric surface. By adding height information (depth) to the backscatter data, the imagery can be viewed in three dimensions; greatly improving data interpretation. The Fledermaus software suite also enables the user to 'fly through' the study area, presenting unique perspectives, and again, improving data interpretation. IVS produces a free viewer, iView3D, that will read files generated by the Fledermaus software suite. Two Fledermaus scientific data (sd) files and one scene file have been included on this DVD-ROM. These data can be viewed through the IVS free program, iView3D. The user is encouraged to download iView3D in order to view the geophysical data acquired in the Puerto Rico Trench, in a three-dimensional perspective.

Download Information:

  • Go to the IVS Website
  • Go to Products
  • Click on iView3D
    This will take the User to the iView3D Home Page. The User will find a program description and detailed downloading instructions. It is highly recommended that the User download iView3D in order to view the sidescan-sonar and bathymetric data in three dimensions and 'fly-through' the study area. The HELP within iView3D gives detailed operating instructions.

Fledermaus Scientific Data (sd) and Scene Files:

The following files are stored within the ivs directory and can be viewed within iView3D. See iView3D HELP for detailed instructions on loading and manipulating data files.  The files may be downloaded by copying the files from the data\ivs directory or by downloading the file which contains the three files in *.zip format .  The User will need the WinZip program or a compatible program in order to extract the files from the WinZip archive

  • final.scene - colorized bathymetry image data, no vertical exaggeration.
  • - sidescan sonar mosaic with vertical exaggeration of 6.
  • - colorized bathymetric data with vertical exaggeration of 6.

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