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USGS Open-File Report 2004-1400

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This DVD-ROM contains copies of the field swath bathymetric sonar, CTD/XBT and GPS navigation data collected aboard the NOAA ship Ron Brown during USGS Cruise 03008 (NOAA Cruise RB0303)  from February 18 to March 7, 2003.  This cruise is part of an on-going field program involving  the USGS Woods Hole Science Center and the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration to map and describe the geologic features and extent of the Puerto Rico Trench, the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean.  

The final multibeam map grid is provided on this DVD-ROM and can be viewed with the shareware software IVIEW3D from IVS.  The field data and background data for the region is configured with ESRI Arcview GIS software and is available in shapefile format and Arcview file structures.  An ESRI Arcview project file is included for the user.  

Directory Structure

The contents of this DVD-ROM are as follows:

Top level Directory:

  • index.htm - This file is intended to be the starting point for DVD-ROM access. It is written in the Hypertext Markup Language utilized by the World Wide Web (WWW) project and must be opened with a WWW browser. Once opened, the user may browse the DVD-ROM's contents as they would browse pages from the WWW.
  • geoproj1.apr - This file is an Arcview 3.x project file that when opened with Arcview will display the GIS data.
  • ofr2004_1400_metadata - This file is an FGDC compatible metadata file describing this publication.
  • readme.txt - ASCII text file containing a description of this DVD-ROM. This file may be viewed or printed with any system program capable of opening an ASCII text file.


  • data - contains the cruise data files and directories
    1. bathymetry
      - bathy_1000m - 1000 meter isobaths from the NOAA/NGDC ETOPO2 grid
      - bathy_500m - 500 meter isobaths from the NOAA/NGDC ETOPO2 grid
      - bathy_100m - 100 meter isobaths from the NOAA/NGDC ETOPO2 grid
      - prtbckgnd - Caribbean Region Background Imagery for Puerto Rico 
    2. boundaries
      pr_eez_region - United States Exclusive Economic Zone for Puerto Rico
        caribis - Carribean Island country boundaries from ESRI data files
    3. oceanography
      - ctd - Conductivity, Temperature, Density cast station location
      - xbt - expendable bathythermograph cast station locations
    4. ivs
      - contains the 3D scene and scientific data files viewable with iView3D. See Getting Started with 3D views.
    5. Multibeam
      - gtsurfmod - grey toned surface model of 150 meter grid mosaic
      - sunillum - sun illuminated image of 150 meter grid colorized by depth
    6. Navigation
      - nav2002 - navigation tracklines from cruise RB02051
      - nav2003 - navigation tracklines from cruise RB03008
    7. posters
      - contains the map sheet: Bathymetry (gray-toned surface model image and sun-illuminated image colorized by depth) in PDF, AI, and JPG format. These files can be opened in Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, or a browser, respectively, and printed.
    8. svp
      - contains a Microsoft Excel file listing all sound velocity profiles
  • htmldocs - contains all HTML pages accessed within this report.
          - images - contains the image files utilized within HTML pages

Getting Started with 3D views and ESRI GIS

3D Views

Interactive Visualization Systems (IVS) Fledermaus software suite was used to drape the sidescan-sonar data on the bathymetric surface. By adding height information (depth) to the backscatter data, the imagery can be viewed in three dimensions; greatly improving data interpretation. The Fledermaus software suite also enables the user to 'fly through' the study area, presenting unique perspectives, and again, improving data interpretation. IVS produces a free viewer, iView3D, that will read files generated by the Fledermaus software suite. Two Fledermaus scientific data (sd) files and one scene file have been included on this DVD-ROM. These data can be viewed through the IVS free program, iView3D. The user is encouraged to download iView3D in order to view the geophysical data acquired in the Puerto Rico Trench, in a three-dimensional perspective.

Download Information:

  • Go to the IVS Website
  • Go to Products
  • Click on iView3D
    This will take the User to the iView3D Home Page. The User will find a program description and detailed downloading instructions. It is highly recommended that the User download iView3D in order to view the sidescan-sonar and bathymetric data in three dimensions and 'fly-through' the study area. The HELP within iView3D gives detailed operating instructions.

Fledermaus SD and Scene Files:

The following files are stored within the ivs directory and can be viewed within iView3D. See iView3D HELP for detailed instructions on loading and manipulating data files.  The files may be downloaded by copying the files from the data\ivs directory or by downloading the file which contains the three files in *.zip format .  The User will need the WinZip program or a compatible program in order to extract the files from the WinZip archive.

  • final.scene - colorized bathymetry image, no vertical exaggeration.
  • - sidescan sonar image, vertical exaggeration of 6.
  • - colorized bathymetry, vertical exaggeration of 6.


An Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) ArcView 3.x Geographic Information System (GIS) project file, geoproj1.apr, resides in the arcview directory. All associated GIS files are also contained within this directory structure. The user must have a copy of ESRI ArcView 3.x in order to use the project file. Visit the ESRI Website ( for information concerning this, and other software, such as ArcExplorer, a free GIS data viewer available for download.

To Load geoproj1.apr:

  • geoproj1.apr contains links to all shape files referenced in this report

Projected Views:

The Puerto Rico Trench imagery was processed in the following coordinate system: UTM, WGS84 datum, Zone 19, meters.  All raster images and grids are available in both geographic (un-projected) and projected UTM, Zone 19.  All point and vector data are stored in decimal degrees.

System Requirements

This DVD-ROM can be successfully accessed on systems utilizing the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Macintosh and UNIX.  However, the ESRI ArcView project file, geoproj1.apr,  works best on Microsoft Windows operating systems using Arcview or ArcExplorer.  The IVS free viewer, iView3D, will run on Macintosh and Microsoft Windows systems if loaded properly.


This (DVD-ROM) publication was prepared by an agency of the United States Government. Neither the United States Government nor any agency thereof, nor any of their employees, make any warranty, expressed or implied, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product, or process disclosed in this report, or represents that its use would not infringe privately owned rights. Reference therein to any specific commercial product, process, or service by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise does not necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by the United States Government or any agency thereof. Any views and opinions of authors expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflect those of the United States Government or any agency thereof. Although all data published on this DVD-ROM have been used by the USGS, no warranty, expressed or implied, is made by the USGS as to the accuracy of the data and related materials and/or the functioning of the software. The act of distribution shall not constitute any such warranty, and no responsibility is assumed by the USGS in the use of this data, software, or related materials.

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