Environmental Geochemistry and Sediment Quality in Lake Pontchartrain

Sediment Database and Preliminary Interpretations

Frank T.  Manheim, Laura Hayes, and Andrew G. McIntire

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I. Introduction
II. Database Structure and Development
A.   Flat-file vs. Relational Structure
B.   Data Dictionary
C.   Data Sources and Locations
D.   Analytical Methods and Quality Control
III. Data and Preliminary Interpretations
A.   Sediment texture and bathymetry
B.   Organic Carbon
C.   Inorganic Chemistry
D.   Organic Components
E.   Mississippi River Influence - Bonnet Carré Spillway
F.   Coastal and Inland Waterway Impacts and Sediment Toxicity Considerations
G.   Conclusions
IV. References
V. GIS Layers
VI. Metadata
VII. Appendices

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