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U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2012-1234

Application of a Hydrodynamic and Sediment Transport Model for Guidance of Response Efforts Related to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Along the Coast of Alabama and Florida

Appendix 4. File Naming Conventions

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The analyses described in the Methods section of this report have been applied for each wave scenario to determine patterns in alongshore currents, movement probability for surface residual balls (SRBs) and sediment, and probable alongshore redistribution patterns for SRBs of mobilized size classes. These results are available in geographic information systems (GIS) polygon or point shapefile format, with all files for a given scenario having a prefix of Hh_Dd, where h and d denote the scenario wave height (H) and direction (D) bin number, respectively. So, for example, a prefix of "H1_D1" corresponds to a wave height in the lowest bin (0.0 to 0.5 m) and wave direction in the first bin (0 to 22.5 degrees). A table of scenario characteristics is provided in appendix 1 and is also included in a text file (.txt) zipped with each GIS shapefile. For SRB and sediment analyses, each shapefile includes results for each of the six SRB size classes and critical stress values described in table 1 of this report (also included zipped with each GIS shapefile). The final portion of the filename denotes the analysis type as described in table 2 in the Methods section of this report. For example, would contain mobility analysis for scenario H1_D1 for sediment and each size and critical stress level for SRBs, with various file extensions (.xxx) associated with the GIS shapefile.

In addition to the GIS shapefiles, animations were created of the mobility of 2.5-cm SRBs (size class 4) and sand over a tidal cycle for three inlets: Pensacola Pass, Fla.; Little Lagoon, Ala.; and Panama City, Fla. These files follow the naming convention [InletName]_SRB.avi and [InletName]_sediment.avi.

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