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Open-File Report 2018-1010

Laboratory Observations of Artificial Sand and Oil Agglomerates

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Physical characteristics of the aSOAs used in these experiments, such as diameter, shape, color, mass, volume, and density, are provided in table 1. Each individual aSOA has a unique identifier consisting of three characters: a number indicating size, where 1 corresponds to a 0.5-cm diameter, 2 corresponds to a 1-cm diameter, 3 corresponds to a 2.50-cm diameter, 4 corresponds to a 5-cm diameter, and 5 corresponds to a 10-cm diameter; a character indicating shape, with “R” denoting round and “E” denoting ellipsoidal aSOAs; and a unique number to distinguish individual aSOAs with the same size and shape. In the case of the ellipsoidal aSOAs, the diameter is defined as the width of the aSOA rather than the height.

Incipient Motion Experiments (Fixed Floor)

Critical stress values for aSOAs, along with calculated shear stress at the moment of incipient motion, are found in table 2. Provided below are links to the movies created from video and water-velocity data collected during the false-floor incipient motion experiments. For most of the experiments, the BLAST system is used and these videos are of the darkened experimental tank, with one or a few aSOAs intersecting the planar laser line. Video of the illuminated tank and aSOAs are shown for experiments where laser data with the BLAST system were not collected. Except for two time periods when the velocity profiler malfunctioned, time series of velocity data and calculated stress are also provided. A dashed line crossing this time series vertically coincides with the identified instant of incipient motion in the video. A yellow dot on the time series indicates the stress at the current video time. Videos are clipped to the time period surrounding the instant of incipient motion—approximately 30 seconds preceding incipient motion and 12 seconds following incipient motion—when available. Movies that exclude velocity and stress time-series plots have been created for cases in which the first instance of incipient motion occurs outside of the time series of collected velocity data. In cases of multiple aSOAs deployed during the same experiments, separate videos were created, where each was clipped to the time of incipient motion of the individual aSOA. Note that incipient motion may be difficult to detect without a frame-by-frame analysis due to the subtlety of the movement, in particular for ellipsoidal aSOAs that may initially move via a small sliding motion.  

False-floor video data files of incipient motion. [L, R, M: indicates initial positions (L, left; R, right; M, middle) of artificial sand and oil agglomerate (aSOA) when multiple are present in a given video; cm, centimeter; rpm, revolutions per minute]

aSOA identifier Stroke length (cm) Frequency (rpm) Video file Vectrino data
1R3R 22 24–30 False_Floor_1R3.mp4 velocity_stress_data _1R3.txt
1R5L 22 24–30 False_Floor_1R5.mp4 velocity_stress_data _1R4.txt
1E1L 22 24–30 False_Floor_1E1.mp4 velocity_stress_data _1E1.txt
1E4R 22 30–39 False_Floor_1E4.mp4 velocity_stress_data _1E4.txt
1E5M 22 40–54 False_Floor_1E5.mp4 velocity_stress_data _1E5.txt
2R1 22 15–33 False_Floor_2R1.mp4 velocity_stress_data _2R1.txt
2E1L 22 33–40 False_Floor_2E1.mp4 velocity_stress_data _2E1.txt
2E5R 22 33–40 False_Floor_2E5.mp4 velocity_stress_data _2E5.txt
3R3 22 40–60 False_Floor_3R3.mp4 velocity_stress_data _3R3.txt
3E2 22 60–80 False_Floor_3E2.mp4 velocity_stress_data _3E2.txt
4R2 22 20–40 False_Floor_4R2.mp4 Not available
4E2 22 50–61 False_Floor_4E2.mp4 Not available
5R2 44 5–18 False_Floor_5R2.mp4 velocity_stress_data _5R2.txt
5E1 44 36–56 False_Floor_5E1.mp4 velocity_stress_data _5E1.txt

Sea-Floor Interaction Experiments (Movable Sand Bed)

Provided below are links to video data for sea-floor interaction experiments conducted on a movable sand bed. Videos have been compressed to save storage as described in Data Processing, but have not been edited or cropped in time. To accommodate instrument-data record-length capabilities and limit file size to a manageable level, each individual experiment is broken into segments consisting of data from one of the two cameras (delineated as A and B) over a subsection of the experiment time. The aSOAs listed are those in the tank at the time of the experiment and may not be visible in the field of view of one or both cameras. When aSOAs have not moved significantly from their starting position, it is possible to determine their identifiers, as indicated below. In experiment C, a GoPro camera was placed in the tank to provide a unique perspective of aSOA motion and sand-bed evolution, and it is visible in the videos from the external cameras. In cases where the velocity data were offset in time from the video data due to a delay in starting the Vectrino, a time vector corresponding to the video data time is also included in the velocity data file. 

Moving-bed video data files in experiments A through D [“g” indicates GoPro HD camera placed in tank during experiment segment; “a” and “b” indicate initial camera’s field of view in which artificial sand and oil agglomerates (aSOAs) can be seen; “ab” indicates that the aSOA can be seen in the initial view of both cameras. aSAO identifiers are listed as they appear in frame from left to right]

Experiment Segment aSOAs Stroke (cm) Frequency (rpm) Video preview Video file name
Vectrino file name
A 001a 2Rab, 1Eab , 1Ra 22 12–23 Sea_Floor_20140312_001a_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140312_001a.mp4 velocity_data_20140312_001.txt
  002a 2Rab, 1Eab , 1Ra 22 23–40 Sea_Floor_20140312_002a_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140312_002a.mp4 velocity_data_20140312_002.txt
  003a 2Rab, 1Eab , 1Ra 22 40–50 Sea_Floor_20140312_003a_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140312_003a.mp4 velocity_data_20140312_003.txt
  004a 2Rab, 1Eab , 1Ra 22 50–60 Sea_Floor_20140312_004a_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140312_004a.mp4 velocity_data_20140312_004.txt
  005a 2Rab, 1Eab , 1Ra 22 60–66 Sea_Floor_20140312_005a_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140312_005a.mp4 velocity_data_20140312_005.txt
  006a 2Rab, 1Eab , 1Ra 22 66–70 Sea_Floor_20140312_006a_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140312_006a.mp4 velocity_data_20140312_006.txt
  007a 2Rab, 1Eab , 1Ra 22 70 Sea_Floor_20140312_007a_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140312_007a.mp4 velocity_data_20140312_007.txt
A 001b 3Eb , 3Rb, 2Eb, 2Rab, 1Eab   22 12–23 Sea_Floor_20140312_001b_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140312_001b.mp4 velocity_data_20140312_001.txt
  002b 3Eb , 3Rb, 2Eb, 2Rab, 1Eab   22 23–40 Sea_Floor_20140312_002b_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140312_002b.mp4 velocity_data_20140312_002.txt
  003b 3Eb , 3Rb, 2Eb, 2Rab, 1Eab   22 40–50 Sea_Floor_20140312_003b_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140312_003b.mp4 velocity_data_20140312_003.txt
  004b 3Eb , 3Rb, 2Eb, 2Rab, 1Eab   22 50–60 Sea_Floor_20140312_004b_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140312_004b.mp4 velocity_data_20140312_004.txt
  005b 3Eb , 3Rb, 2Eb, 2Rab, 1Eab   22 60–66 Sea_Floor_20140312_005b_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140312_005b.mp4 velocity_data_20140312_005.txt
  006b 3Eb , 3Rb, 2Eb, 2Rab, 1Eab   22 66–70 Sea_Floor_20140312_006b_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140312_006b.mp4 velocity_data_20140312_006.txt
  007b 3Eb , 3Rb, 2Eb, 2Rab, 1Eab   22 70 Sea_Floor_20140312_007b_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140312_007b.mp4 velocity_data_20140312_007.txt
B 001ag 2Eb, 2Rab, 1Eab, 1Ra 33 27–36 Sea_Floor_20140313_001a_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140313_001a.mp4 velocity_data_20140313_001.txt
  002ag 1Rb, 2Eb, 2Rab, 1Eab, 1Ra 33 28–50 Sea_Floor_20140313_002a_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140313_002a_preview.mp4 velocity_data_20140313_002.txt
  003ag 1Eb  2Eb, 1Rb, 2Rab, 1Eab, 1Ra 33 26–60 Sea_Floor_20140313_003a_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140313_003a.mp4 velocity_data_20140313_003.txt
  004ag 2Eb, 1Rb, 2Rab, 1Eab, 1Ra 33 60–70 Sea_Floor_20140313_004a_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140313_004a.mp4 velocity_data_20140313_004.txt
  005ag 2Eb, 1Rb, 2Rab, 1Eab, 1Ra 33 70 Sea_Floor_20140313_005a_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140313_005a.mp4 velocity_data_20140313_005.txt
B 001b 3Eb, 1Eb, 1Rb, 2Rab,3Rb, 2Eb 33 27–36 Sea_Floor_20140313_001b_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140313_001b.mp4 velocity_data_20140313_001.txt
  002b 3Eb, 1Eb, 1Rb, 2Rab,3Rb, 2Eb 33 28–50 Sea_Floor_20140313_002b_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140313_002b.mp4 velocity_data_20140313_002.txt
  003b 3Eb, 3Rb, 1Rb, 2Rab, 2Eb 33 26–60 Sea_Floor_20140313_003b_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140313_003bmp4 velocity_data_20140313_003.txt
  004b 3Eb, 3Rb, 2Eb, 1Rb, 2Rab, 33 60–70 Sea_Floor_20140313_004b_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140313_004b.mp4 velocity_data_20140313_004.txt
  005b 3Eb, 3Rb, 2Eb, 1Rb, 2Rab, 33 70 Sea_Floor_20140313_005b_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140313_005b.mp4 velocity_data_20140313_005.txt
C 006a 4Ra, 4Ea,  2Eb, 1Ra, 1Eab, 2Rab,1Eb 33 40–60 Sea_Floor_20140313_006a_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140313_006a.mp4 velocity_data_20140313_006.txt
  007a 4Ra, 4Ea,  2Eb, 1Ra, 1Eab, 2Rab,1Eb 33 60–70 Sea_Floor_20140313_007a_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140313_007amp4 velocity_data_20140313_007.txt
  008a 4Ra, 4Ea,  2Eb, 1Ra, 1Eab, 2Rab,1Eb 33 70 Sea_Floor_20140313_008a_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140313_008a.mp4 velocity_data_20140313_008.txt
C 006b 5Eb, 4Rab, 1Rb, 1Eb, 2Eb, 3Eb, 3Rb, 2Rab 33 40–60 Sea_Floor_20140313_006b_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140313_006b.mp4 velocity_data_20140313_006.txt
  007b 3Eb, 5Eb, 4Rab, 1Rb, 1Eb, 2Eb, 3Rb, 2Rab 33 60–70 Sea_Floor_20140313_007b_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140313_007b.mp4 velocity_data_20140313_007.txt
  008b 3Eb, 3Rb, 5Eb, 4Rab, 1Rb, 1Eb, 2Eb, 2Rab 33 70 Sea_Floor_20140313_008b_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140313_008b.mp4 velocity_data_20140313_008.txt
D 009a Strewn mat (assorted) 44 20–65 Sea_Floor_20140313_009a_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140313_009a.mp4 velocity_data_20140313_009.txt
D 009b Tight mat (assorted) 44 20–65 Sea_Floor_20140313_009b_preview.mp4 Sea_Floor_20140313_009b.mp4 velocity_data_20140313_009.txt

GoPro video files as captured during experiment B.

Experiment Segment Stroke(cm) Frequency (rpm) Video preview Video file
B 001a 33 27–50 gp040050_preview.mp4 gp040050.mp4
B 002a 33 28–50 gp080050_preview.mp4 gp080050.mp4
B 004a 33 60–70 gp090050_preview.mp4 gp090050.mp4

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