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Scientific Investigations Report 2010-5091

Papers submitted as part of the International Bedload-Surrogate Monitoring Workshop, April 11–14, 2007, St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States.

(These papers are also accessible in table 2 of Scientific Investigations Report 2010-5091. Page numbering in the papers is sequential, beginning with page 38, following the last page of the report.)

Barton, Jonathan S., Slingerland, Rudy L., Pittman, Smokey, and Gabrielson, Thomas B., Monitoring Coarse Bedload Transport with Passive Acoustic Instrumentation: A Field Study. (p. 38-51; 837 KB)

Batalla, Ramon J., Vericat, Damià, Gibbins, Chris N., and Garcia, Celso, Incipient Bed-Material Motion in a Gravel-Bed River: Field Observations and Measurements. (p. 52-66; 1.74 MB)

Belleudy, Philippe, Valette, Alexandre, and Graff, Benjamin, Passive Hydrophone Monitoring of Bedload in River Beds: First Trials of Signal Spectral Analyses. (p. 67-84; 1.01 MB)

Bunte, Kristin, Measurements of Gravel Transport Using the Magnetic Tracer Technique: Temporal Variability Over a Highflow Season and Field-Calibration. (p. 85-106; 1.90 MB)

Bunte, Kristin, Swingle, Kurt W., and Abt, Steven R., Necessity and Difficulties of Field Calibrating Signals from Surrogate Techniques in Gravel-Bed Streams: Possibilities for Bedload Trap Samplers. (p. 107-129; 1.50 MB)

Diplas, Panayiotis, Celik, A.O., Valyrakis, Manousos, and Dancey, C.L., Some Thoughts on Measurements of Marginal Bedload Transport Rates Based on Experience from Laboratory Flume Experiments. (p. 130-142; 927 KB)

Downing, John., Acoustic Gravel-Momemtum Sensor. (p. 143-158; 1.44 MB)

Emmett, William W., Observations of Bedload Behavior in Rivers and Their Implications for Indirect Methods of Bedload Measurement. (p. 159-170; 1.03 MB)

Fienberg, Kurt, Singh, Arvind, Foufoula-Georgiou, Efi, Jerolmack, Doug, and Marr, Jeffrey D.G., A Theoretical Framework for Interpreting and Quantifying the Sampling Time Dependence of Gravel Bedload Transport Rates. (p. 171-184; 893 KB)

Froehlich, Wojciech, Monitoring of Bed Load Transport Within a Small Drainage Basin in the Polish Flysch Carpathians. (p. 185-194; 971 KB)

Gaeuman, David, and Pittman, Smokey, Relative Contributions of Sand and Gravel Bedload Transport to Acoustic Doppler Bed-Velocity Magnitudes in the Trinity River, California. (p. 195-207; 3.71 MB)

Gray, J.R., Laronne, J.B., Osterkamp, W.R., and Vericat, Damiá, Bed Load Research International Cooperative—BRIC. (p. 208-217; 2.39 MB)

Habersack, Helmut, Seitz, Hugo, and Liedermann, Marcel, Integrated Automatic Bedload Transport Monitoring. (p. 218-235; 1.48 MB)

Holmes, Robert R. Jr., Measurement of Bedload Transport in Sand-Bed Rivers: A Look at Two Indirect Sampling Methods. (p. 236-252; 1.65 MB)

Mao, Luca, Comiti, Francesco, and Lenzi, Mario Aristide, Bedload Dynamics in Steep Mountain Rivers: Insights from the Rio Cordon Experimental Station (Italian Alps). (p. 253-265; 718 KB)

Marr, Jeffrey D.G., Gray, John R., Davis, Broderick E., Ellis, Chris, and Johnson, Sara, Large-Scale Laboratory Testing of Bedload-Monitoring Technologies: Overview of the StreamLab06 Experiments. (p. 266-282; 910 KB)

McLelland, Stuart J., Observing Bedload/Suspended Load Using Multi-Frequency Acoustic Backscatter. (p. 283-295; 1.02 MB)

Mizuyama, Takahisa, Laronne, Jonathan B., Nonaka, Michinobu, Sawada, Toyoaki, Satofuka, Yoshifumi, Matsuoka, Miwa, Yamashita, Shintaro, Sako, Yoichi, Tamaki, Shohei, Watari, Masaaki, Yamaguchi, Shinji, and Tsuruta, Kenji, Calibration of a passive acoustic bedload monitoring system in Japanese mountain rivers. (p. 296-318; 3.25 MB)

Mizuyama, Takahisa, Oda, Akira, Laronne, Jonathan B., Nonaka, Michinobu, and Matsuoka, Miwa, Laboratory Tests of a Japanese Pipe Geophone for Continuous Acoustic Monitoring of Coarse Bedload. (p. 319-335; 1.18 MB)

Møen, Kurt M., Bogen, Jim, Zuta, John F., Ade, Premus K., and Esbensen, Kim, Bedload Measurement in Rivers Using Passive Acoustic Sensors. (p. 336-351; 3.33 MB)

Papanicolaou, Athanasios (Thanos) N., and Knapp, Doug, A Particle Tracking Technique for Bedload Motion. (p. 352-366; 1.08 MB)

Ramooz, Rauf, and Rennie, Colin D., Laboratory Measurement of Bedload with an ADCP. (p. 367-386; 1.38 MB)

Reid, Ian, Graham, David, Laronne, J.B., and Rice, Stephen, Essential Ancillary Data Requirements for the Validation of Surrogate Measurements of Bedload: Non-Invasive Bed material Grain Size and Definitive Measurements of Bedload Flux. (p. 387-399; 1.36 MB)

Rempel, Jason, Hassan, Marwan A., and Enkin, Randy, Laboratory Calibration of a Magnetic Bed Load Movement Detector. (p. 400-406; 734 KB)

Rickenmann, Dieter, and Fritschi, Bruno, Bedload Transport Measurements Using Piezoelectric Impact Sensors and Geophones. (p. 407-423; 1.01 MB)

Shrestha, S.M., Shibata, K., Hirano, K., Takahara, T., and Matsumura, K., River Bedload Monitoring Using a Radar System. (p. 424-430; 1.11 MB)

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