Water Resources of Colorado

Surface Water Stations, in alphabetical order

NOTE.--Data for partial-record stations and miscellaneous sites for both surface-water
discharge and quality are published in separate sections of the data report.

(Letter after station name designates type and frequency of published data.
Daily tables: (D) discharge, (C) specific conductance, (S) sediment, (T) temperature, (E) elevation or contents,
(O) dissolved oxygen, (P) pH, (R) precipitation, (TU) turbidity.
Periodic tables: (c) chemical, (b) biological, (e) elevation or contents, (m) microbiological, (s) sediment, (t) temperature.)

Apishapa River near Fowler (DR) 07119500
Arikaree River above Spring Canyon near Idalia (D) 06821360
Arkansas River above Pueblo (DctCT) 07099400
Arkansas River at Canon City (DCT) 07096000
Arkansas River at Catlin Dam near Fowler (DctCT) 07119700
Arkansas River at Granite (DCT) 07086000
Arkansas River at La Junta (D) 07123000
Arkansas River at Lamar (D) 07133000
Arkansas River at Las Animas (DCT) 07124000
Arkansas River at Moffat Street, at Pueblo (DctCT) 07099970
Arkansas River at Parkdale (DT) 07094500
Arkansas River at Portland (DCT) 07097000
Arkansas River at St. Charles Mesa Diversion, at Pueblo (C) 07099969
Arkansas River below Granite (D) 07087050
Arkansas River below John Martin Reservoir (DCT) 07130500
Arkansas River near Avondale (DctCPTO) 07109500
Arkansas River near Coolidge, KS (D) 07137500
Arkansas River near Granada (D) 07134180
Arkansas River near Leadville (D) 07081200
Arkansas River near Nathrop (DT) 07091200
Arkansas River near Portland (ct) 07099200
Arkansas River near Rocky Ford (ct) 07120500
Arkansas River near Wellsville (Dct) 07093700
Badger Creek Lower Station near Howard (DT) 07093775
Badger Creek Upper Station near Howard (DTSs) 07093740
Bear Creek above 8th Street at Colorado Springs (cmts) 384909104504401
Bear Creek above Bear Creek Lake near Morrison (D) 06710605
Bear Creek above Evergreen (D) 06710385
Bear Creek at Morrison (D) 06710500
Bear Creek at mouth, at Sheridan (D) 06711500
Bear Creek near Colorado Springs (Dctms) 07105000
Beaver Creek above Highway 115 near Penrose (D) 07099060
Beaver Creek above Upper Beaver Cemetery near Penrose (D) 07099050
Bent Canyon Creek at mouth near Timpas (DRS) 07126480
Big Dry Creek at mouth near Fort Lupton (D) 06720990
Big Dry Creek at Westminster (D) 06720820
Big Sandy Creek near Lamar (DR) 07134100
Big Thompson Project Link
Big Thompson River at Loveland (Dct) 06741510
Big Thompson River at mouth of canyon near Drake (D) 06738000
Big Thompson River below Moraine Park near Estes Park (D) 402114105350101
Boulder Creek at mouth near Longmont (D) 06730500
Boulder Creek at North 75th Street near Boulder (D) 06730200
Buffalo Creek at mouth, at Buffalo Creek (DR) 06706800
Cache la Poudre River above Boxelder Creek near Timnath (Dct) 06752280
Cache la Poudre River at Fort Collins (Dct) 06752260
Cache la Poudre River at mouth of canyon near Fort Collins (D) 06752000
Cache la Poudre River at Shields Street, at Fort Collins (ct) 06752258
Cache la Poudre River below Fort Collins (ct) 06752270
Camp Creek at Garden of the Gods (D) 07103703
Carter Lake near Berthoud (etcmb) 06742500
Cherry Creek at Denver (D) 06713500
Cherry Creek at Glendale (D) 06713300
Cherry Creek below Cherry Creek Lake (D) 06713000
Cherry Creek near Franktown (D) 06712000
Cherry Creek near Parker (D) 393109104464500
Cheyenne Creek at Evans Avenue at Colorado Springs (DR) 07105490
Chicago Creek below Devils Canyon near Idaho Springs (D) 06717400
Clear Creek above Georgetown Lake near Georgetown (D) 394308105413800
Clear Creek above Johnson Gulch near Idaho Springs (D) 06718300
Clear Creek above West Fork Clear Creek near Empire (D) 06715000
Clear Creek at Golden (D) 06719505
Clear Creek near Lawson (D) 06716500
Closed Basin Project Canal near Alamosa (D) 372833105455800
Coal Creek near Louisville (D) 06730400
Conejos River below Platoro Reservoir (D) 08245000
Conejos River near Lasauses (D) 08249000
Conejos River near Mogote (D) 08246500
Cottonwood Creek at Cowpoke Road, at Colorado Springs (DctmsS) 07103977
Cottonwood Creek at mouth at Pikeview (DctmsS) 07103990
Cottonwood Creek at Woodmen Road near Colorado Springs (DRs) 07103980
Cottonwood Creek Tributary above Rangewood Drive at Colorado Springs (DctmsRS) 07103985
Crest-stage partial-record stations Link
Culebra Creek at San Luis (D) 08250000
Deadmans Creek above Deadmans Lake at U.S. Air Force Academy (DR) 07103785
Dinero Mine Drainage Tunnel below Turquoise Lake near Leadville (D) 391504106225200
Discharge at partial-record stations and miscellaneous sites Link
East Fork Arkansas River at Highway 24 near Leadville (D) 07079300
East Plum Creek below Haskins Gulch near Castle Rock (D) 06708800
Fountain Creek at 8th Street, at Colorado Springs (cmts) 07103707
Fountain Creek at Colorado Springs (DctmsS) 07105500
Fountain Creek at Green Mountain Falls (DR) 07099990
Fountain Creek at Pueblo (DctmsCTS) 07106500
Fountain Creek at Security (DctmsS) 07105800
Fountain Creek below Janitell Road below Colorado Springs (DctmsR) 07105530
Fountain Creek near Colorado Springs (DctsmS) 07103700
Fountain Creek near Fountain (DctmsCPTO) 07106000
Fountain Creek near Pinon (DctmsR) 07106300
Fourmile Creek above Mouth near Deckers (DR) 06701550
Fourmile Creek below Cripple Creek near Victor (D) 07096250
Frontier Ditch near Coolidge, KS (D) 07137000
Georgetown Lake near Georgetown (E) 394359105411900
Halfmoon Creek near Malta (D) 07083000
Horsetooth Reservoir near Fort Collins (etcm) 06737500
Horsetooth Reservoir near Spring Canyon Dam near Fort Collins (tcmb) 403147105083800
Huerfano River near Boone (D) 07116500
Illinois River below Ish Baldwin Ditch near Walden (D) 06618300
Illinois River below Potter Creek near Walden (D) 06618480
Jimmy Camp Creek at Fountain (Dctms) 07105900
Joe Wright Creek above Joe Wright Reservoir (D) 06746095
Joe Wright Creek below Joe Wright Reservoir (D) 06746110
John Martin Reservoir at Caddoa (E) 07130000
Kerber Creek above Little Kerber Creek near Villa Grove (D) 08224500
Kettle Creek above Old Ranch Road near Colorado Springs (cmts) 385854104470100
Kettle Creek above U.S. Air Force Academy (DRctms) 07103960
La Garita Creek near La Garita (D) 08231000
Lake Estes near Dam near Estes Park (tcm) 402231105291900
Lake Meredith Outlet at Highway 71 near Ordway (CTct) 07120480
Leavenworth Creek at mouth near Georgetown (D) 06714800
Lockwood Canyon Creek near Thatcher (DRS) 07126390
Lonetree Creek near Greeley (D) 06753990
Los Pinos River near Ortiz (D) 08248000
Michigan River near Cameron Pass (D) 06614800
Monument Creek above North Gate Boulevard at U.S. Air Force Academy (DctmsR) 07103780
Monument Creek above Woodmen Road at Colorado Springs (DctmsS) 07103970
Monument Creek at Bijou Street at Colorado Springs (DctmsRS) 07104905
Monument Creek at Pikeview (D) 07104000
Monument Creek at south boundary, at U.S. Air Force Academy (DR) 07103940
Monument Creek below Sewage Treatment Plant at U. S. Air Force Academy (DR) 07103790
Monument Creek Tributary 1 near Pulpit Rock at Colorado Springs (cmts) 385501104483701
Monument Creek Tributary 2 at Sondermann Park at Colorado Springs (cmts) 385124104501301
Monument Creek Tributary 2 below Fillmore Street at Colorado Springs (cmts) 385204104510101
Mosquito Creek near Alma (D) 06693800
North Clear Creek above mouth near Blackhawk (D) 06718550
North Fork Cache la Poudre River at Livermore (D) 06751490
North Fork Cache la Poudre River below Halligan Reservoir near Virginia Dale (D) 06751150
North Fork South Platte River above Elk Creek at Pine (DR) 06706400
North Monument Creek at Spring Street at Palmer Lake (DR) 07103740
North Platte River near Northgate (D) 06620000
North Rockrimmon Creek above Delmonico Drive at Colorado Springs (ctms) 07104050
Pine Creek above Highway 83 at Colorado Springs (cmts) 385124104501301
Plum Creek at Titan Road near Louviers (D) 06709530
Plum Creek near Sedalia (D) 06709000
Pond 46.212 near Teller Reservoir at Fort Carson (ER) 382624104472400
Precipitation data at miscellaneous sites Link
Precipitation data at sites on Fort Carson Military Reservation Link
Precipitation data at sites on Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site Link
Pueblo Reservoir near Pueblo (ect) 07099350
Purgatoire River at Madrid (D) 07124200
Purgatoire River at Rock Crossing near Timpas (DsSR) 07126485
Purgatoire River below Trinidad Lake (D) 07124410
Purgatoire River near Las Animas (DR) 07128500
Purgatoire River near Thatcher (DR) 07126300
Quality of ground-water in El Paso County Link
Red Creek below Sullivan Park at Fort Carson (DRS) 07099080
Red Rock Canyon Creek at mouth near Thatcher (DRS) 07126415
Rio Grande near Del Norte (D) 08220000
Rio Grande near Lobatos (Dct) 08251500
Rock Creek above Fort Carson Reservation (D) 07105945
Saguache Creek near Saguache (Dcts) 08227000
San Antonio River at Ortiz (D) 08247500
Sand Creek above mouth at Colorado Springs (DctmsS) 07105600
Sand Creek at mouth near Commerce City (D) 394839104570300
South Fork Rio Grande at South Fork (D) 08219500
South Platte River above Cheesman Lake (DR) 06700000
South Platte River at 64th Avenue, at Commerce City (D) 06714215
South Platte River at Denver (D) 06714000
South Platte River at Englewood (DTPCO) 06711565
South Platte River at Fort Lupton (D) 06721000
South Platte River at Fort Morgan (D) 06759500
South Platte River at Henderson (D) 06720500
South Platte River at Julesburg (D) 06764000
South Platte River at South Platte (D) 06707500
South Platte River Basin National Water-Quality Assessment Program Study Link
South Platte River below Brush Creek near Trumbull (D,TU) 06701900
South Platte River below Cheesman Lake (D) 06701500
South Platte River below Union Avenue at Englewood (D) 06710247
South Platte River near Kersey (D) 06754000
South Platte River near Weldona (Dctm) 06758500
Special study and miscellaneous sites Link
Spring Creek above mouth near South Platte (DR) 06701970
St. Charles River at Vineland (D) 07108900
St. Vrain Creek below Longmont (D) 06725450
Station records, ground-water levels in Pueblo County Link
Supplemental water-quality data for gaging stations Link
Sutherland Ditch at mouth near Pinon (cmts) 382625104353701
Tarryall Creek at Upper Station near Como (D) 06696980
Taylor Arroyo below Rock Crossing near Thatcher (DRS) 07126325
Teller Reservoir near Stone City (E) 07099233
Teller Reservoir Spillway near Stone City (DR) 07099238
Timpas Creek at mouth near Swink (D) 07121500
Transmountain Diversions from the Colorado Basin in Colorado that are no longer published Link
Trinidad Lake near Trinidad (E) 07124400
Trout Creek below Fern Creek near Westcreek (DR) 06701620
Turkey Creek above Teller Reservoir near Stone City (D) 07099230
Turkey Creek East Seepage below Teller Reservoir near Stone City (D) 382629104493000
Turkey Creek near Fountain (D) 07099215
Turkey Creek near Indian Hills (D) 06710992
Turkey Creek near Stone City (D) 07099235
Turkey Creek West Seepage below Teller Reservoir near Stone City (D) 382628104493700
Ute Creek near Fort Garland (D) 08242500
Van Bremer Arroyo near Model (DRsS) 07126200
Van Bremer Arroyo near Tyrone (DR) 07126140
West Creek above Shrewsbury Gulch near Westcreek (DR) 06701700
West Fork Clear Creek above mouth near Empire (D) 06716100
West Monument Creek at mouth, at U.S. Air Force Academy (D) 07103930
West Monument Creek at U.S. Air Force Academy (DR) 07103800
West Monument Creek below Rampart Reservoir (D) 07103797
Wild Horse Creek above Holly (D) 07134990
Williams Creek at the mouth near Wigwam (cmts) 383347104373401

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