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Hydrologic Benchmark Network Stations in the Western U.S. 1963-95 (USGS Circular 1173-D)

Circular 1173-A Circular 1173-B Circular 1173-C

Table of Contents

List of Figures and Tables


Analytical Methods

Environmental Characteristics and Water Quality of HBN Stations:

Wet Bottom Creek near Childs, Arizona (Station 09508300) Download PDF
Elder Creek near Branscomb, California (Station 11475560) Download PDF
Merced River at Happy Isles Bridge near Yosemite, California (Station 11264500) Download PDF
Sagehen Creek near Truckee, California (Station 10343500) Download PDF
Big Jacks Creek near Bruneau, Idaho (Station 13169500) Download PDF
Hayden Creek below North Fork near Hayden Lake (Station 12416000) Download PDF
South Twin River near Round Mountain, Nevada (Station 10249300) Download PDF
Steptoe Creek near Ely, Nevada (Station 10244950) Download PDF
Crater Lake near Crater Lake, Oregon (Station 11492200) Download PDF
Minam River at Minam, Oregon (Station 13331500) Download PDF
Red Butte Creek near Salt Lake City, Utah (Station 10172200) Download PDF
Andrews Creek near Mazama, Washington (Station 12447390) Download PDF


Appendix A- List of Map References

Appendix B- National Water Information System Site-Identification Numbers

List of all HBN Stations Abstract and Map Index

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