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Hydrologic Benchmark Network Stations in the Eastern U.S. 1963-95 (USGS Circular 1173-A)

Circular 1173-B Circular 1173-C Circular 1173-D

Table of Contents

List of Figures and Tables


Analytical Methods

Environmental Characteristics and Water Quality of HBN Stations:

Blackwater River near Bradley, Alabama (Station 02369800) Download PDF
Sipsey Fork near Grayson, Alabama (Station 02450250) Download PDF
Sopchoppy River near Sopchoppy, Florida (Station 02327100) Download PDF
Falling Creek near Juliette, Georgia (Station 02212600) Download PDF
Tallulah River near Clayton, Georgia (Station 02178400) Download PDF
Wild River at Gilead, Maine (Station 01054200) Download PDF
Cypress Creek near Janice, Mississippi (Station 02479155) Download PDF
McDonald's Branch in Lebanon State Forest, New Jersey (Station 01466500) Download PDF
Esopus Creek at Shandaken, New York (Station 01362198) Download PDF
Cataloochee Creek near Cataloochee, North Carolina (Station 03460000) Download PDF
Young Womans Creek near Renovo, Pennsylvania (Station 01545600) Download PDF
Scape Ore Swamp near Bishopville, South Carolina (Station 02135300) Download PDF
Upper Three Runs near Ellentown, South Carolina (Station 02197300) Download PDF
Buffalo River near Flat Woods, Tennessee (Station 03604000) Download PDF
Little River above Townsend, Tennessee (Station 03497300) Download PDF
Holiday Creek near Andersonville, Virginia (Station 02038850) Download PDF


Appendix A- List of Map References

Appendix B- National Water Information System Site-Identification Numbers

List of all HBN Stations Abstract and Map Index

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