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Hydrologic Benchmark Network Stations in the Midwestern U.S. 1963-95 (USGS Circular 1173-B)

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Circular 1173-B Table of Contents

List of Figures and Tables


Analytical Methods

Environmental Characteristics and Water Quality of HBN Stations:

Cossatot River near Vandervoort, Arkansas (Station 07340300) Download PDF
North Sylamore Creek near Fifty Six, Arkansas (Station 07060710) Download PDF
South Hogan Creek near Dillsboro, Indiana (Station 03276700) Download PDF
Elk Creek near Decatur City, Iowa (Station 06897950) Download PDF
Big Creek at Pollack, Louisiana (Station 07373000) Download PDF
Washington Creek at Windigo, Michigan (Station 04001000) Download PDF
Kawishiwi River near Ely, Minnesota (Station 05124480) Download PDF
North Fork Whitewater River near Elba, Minnesota (Station 05376000) Download PDF
Upper Twin Creek at McGaw, Ohio (Station 03237280) Download PDF
Blue Beaver Creek near Cache, Oklahoma (Station 07311200) Download PDF
Kiamichi River near Big Cedar, Oklahoma (Station 07335700) Download PDF
Devils River at Pafford Crossing near Comstock, Texas (Station 08449400) Download PDF
South Fork Rocky Creek near Briggs, Texas (Station 08103900) Download PDF
Popple River near Fence, Wisconsin (Station 04063700) Download PDF


Appendix A- List of Map References

Appendix B- National Water Information System Site-Identification Numbers

List of all HBN Stations Abstract and Map Index

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