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Digital Mapping Techniques '03 — Workshop Proceedings
U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 03–471


Foreword [HTML | PDF]
By Pat Leahy (U.S. Geological Survey)

Introduction [HTML | PDF]
By David R. Soller (U.S. Geological Survey)

Oral Presentations

Bedrock Geology and Bedrock Topography GIS of Ohio: New Data and Applications for Public Access [HTML | PDF]
By James McDonald, E. Mac Swinford, Lawrence H. Wickstrom, Ernie R. Slucher, Donovan M. Powers, and Thomas M. Berg (Ohio Geological Survey)

Digital Karst Density Layer and Compilation of Mapped Karst Features in Pennsylvania [HTML | PDF]
By Stuart O. Reese and William E. Kochanov (Pennsylvania Geological Survey)

Southern California Areal Mapping Project (SCAMP) and Multidimensional Databases [HTML | PDF]
By Douglas M. Morton (U.S. Geological Survey)

Digital Geologic Mapping in a Data Rich, Urban Environment [HTML | PDF]
By Gayle H. “Scott” McColloch and Jane S. McColloch (West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey)

Alaska Digital Mapping Project: From Field to Publication [HTML | PDF]
By Christopher P. Garrity (U.S. Geological Survey)

A Map of Lightning Strike Density for Southeastern Pennsylvania, and Correlation with Terrain Elevation [HTML | PDF]
By Alex J. DeCaria and Michael J. Babij (Millersville University)

Negligence and Professional Malpractice Related to GIS Datasets [HTML | PDF]
By Ian J. Duncan (Virginia Division of Mineral Resources)

From CARIS GEMM 4 to Carta for Geology Software: Our Responses to Geology Educational Challenges in the Age of Digital Mapping [HTML | PDF]
By H. Wouter van de Poll (Univ. of New Brunswick) and Chris Parsons (CARIS)

The National Geologic Map Database: Overview and Progress [HTML | PDF]
By David R. Soller (U.S. Geological Survey) and Thomas M. Berg (Ohio Geological Survey)

CHRONOS—Integrated Chronostratigraphic Databases, the Development of an International Standard Time Scale and the Interoperability with Time Scales of U.S. State Surveys [HTML | PDF]
By Bruce R. Wardlaw (U.S. Geological Survey)

The National Geologic Map Database Image Library—General Concepts [HTML | PDF]
By David R. Soller (U.S. Geological Survey) and Thomas M. Berg (Ohio Geological Survey)

The National Geologic Map Database Image Library—Technical Details [HTML | PDF]
By Robert S. Wardwell, Kevin W. Laurent, Jeremy O. Skog, and David R. Soller (U.S. Geological Survey)

Science Language for Geologic Map Databases in North America: A Progress Report [HTML | PDF]
By NADM Science Language Technical Team .

Conversion of Lithological Data in the Manitoba Water Well Database (GWDrill) to a Mappable Format [HTML | PDF]
By L. H. Thorleifson and M. Pyne (Geological Survey of Canada)

Geoscience Terminology Development for the National Geologic Map Database [HTML | PDF]
By Steven M. Richard (Arizona Geological Survey/U.S. Geological Survey), Jonathan C. Matti, and David R. Soller (U.S. Geological Survey)

Geologic Map Database Implementation in the ESRI Geodatabase Environment [HTML | PDF]
By Stephen M. Richard (Arizona Geological Survey/U.S. Geological Survey)

Portable Software Tools for Managing and Referencing Taxonomies [HTML | PDF]
By Jordan Hastings (U.S. Geological Survey and U.C., Santa Barbara)

CGMW Working Group on Standards for Digital Geological Data (“DIMAS”) [HTML | PDF]
By Kristine Asch (BGR—German Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources)

Preservation of Geoscience Data and Collections [HTML | PDF]
By Linda R. Musser (Pennsylvania State University)

Integrating the Geoscience Data Repository with the Publication Process [HTML | PDF]
By Andrew Moore (Geological Survey of Canada), Linda Guay (ESSInfo, Natural Resources Canada), and Ross Murray (Geological Survey of Canada)

The Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Survey’s Metadata Policy Development and Implementation [HTML | PDF]
By Carrie L. Browne and Larry K. Freeman (Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Survey), and Gina R.C. Graham

National Spatial Data Clearinghouse: The Real Story [HTML | PDF]
By Peter N. Schweitzer (U.S. Geological Survey)

XML Encoding of the North American Data Model [HTML | PDF]
By NADM Data Interchange Technical Team

GEON: Toward a Cyberinfrastructure for the Geosciences—A Prototype for Geologic Map Integration via Domain Ontologies [HTML | PDF]
By Bertram Ludäscher and Kai Lin (San Diego Supercomputer Center), Boyan Brodaric (Geological Survey of Canada), and Chaitan Baru (San Diego Supercomputer Center

Poster Presentations

Delaware Inland Bays Shoreline Extraction Using Landsat 7 Satellite Imagery [HTML | PDF]
By Lillian T. Wang (Delaware Geological Survey)

Applying Surficial Geologic Mapping to Geologic Hazards Mapping, Nez Perce County, Idaho [HTML | PDF]
By Loudon R. Stanford and Kurt L. Othberg (Idaho Geological Survey), Bill Reynolds (Nez Perce County), and Roy M. Breckenridge (Idaho Geological Survey)

Creating a Shaded-Relief Geologic Map Using World Construction Set and Adobe Illustrator Software [HTML | PDF]
By Loudon R. Stanford (Idaho Geological Survey)

Selection of an Appropriate Base Map for a Statewide Geologic Mapping Program [HTML | PDF]
By Jane E. Domier and Donald E. Luman (Illinois State Geological Survey)

Kentucky Land-Use Planning on the Web [HTML | PDF]
By Gerald A. Weisenfluh and Daniel I. Carey (Kentucky Geological Survey)

The National Park Service Geologic Resources Inventory “From Paper to Digital: Exploring a Geologic-GIS Map” [HTML | PDF]
By Stephanie A. O’Meara, Trista L. Thornberry (Colorado State University/ National Park Service Cooperator), Anne R. Poole (National Park Service), and Victor deWolfe (Colorado State University/National Park Service Cooperator

Meeting Constituent Needs for 1:24,000 Scale Geoscience Data in New Jersey [HTML | PDF]
By Ronald Pristas (New Jersey Geological Survey)

Problems and Solutions in the Digital Compilation and Production of the “Map of Surficial Deposits and Materials in the Eastern and Central United States (East of 102° West Longitude)” [HTML | PDF]
By Charles A. Bush, Diane E. Lane, David S. Fullerton, and Nancy Shock (U.S. Geological Survey)

Appendix. List of Workshop Attendees [HTML | PDF]

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