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U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2012-1178

Profile Measurements and Data From the 2011 Optics, Acoustics, and Stress In Situ (OASIS) Project at the Martha's Vineyard Coastal Observatory

Abbreviations and Symbols

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2D two-dimensional
3D three-dimensional
ARP address resolution protocol
ARM advanced reduced-instruction set machine
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
°C degrees Celsius
CCD charge-coupled device
CDOM colored dissolved organic matter
Chl chlorophyll a
cm centimeter
CT conductivity and temperature
dbar decibar
EMF electromagnetic field
EPIC Equatorial Pacific Information Collection
ftp file transfer protocol
g gram or gravity
hr hour
HTML hypertext markup language
http hypertext transfer protocol
Hz hertz (cycles per second)
ID identification
IP Internet protocol
kg kilogram
kHz kilohertz
km kilometers
L liter
L-1 per liter
m meter
m-1 per meter (units for light attenuation)
mab meters above bottom
mbar millibar
MHz megahertz
min minute
µL microliter
µm micron or micrometer
mm millimeter
MVCO Martha's Vineyard Coastal Observatory
mW milliwatt
NetCDF network common data format
nm nanometer
NTU nephelometric turbidity units
OASIS optics, acoustics, and stress in situ
ONR Office of Naval Research
pgm portable graymap
PID process identification
ppt parts per thousand (units of salinity for YSI instruments)
psu practical salinity units (units of salinity for Sea-Bird Electronics instruments)
RAM random access memory
rpm revolutions per minute
s second
s-1 per second
SCUBA self-contained underwater breathing apparatus
SSC suspended solids concentration
UART universal asynchronous receiver and transmitter
UDP User Datagram Protocol
USGS U. S. Geological Survey
UTC Coordinated Universal Time
VDC volts direct current
W watt
WHOI Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


ABSS Aquatec International Aquascat acoustic backscatter sensor
AC-9 WetLabs AC-9 spectral absorption and beam attenuation meter
ADCP Teledyne RD Instruments acoustic doppler current profiler
ADV SonTek acoustic doppler velocimeter, ADVOcean model
Aquadopp Nortek AS Aquadopp velocity profiler
Aquadopp HR Nortek AS Aquadopp high resolution velocity profiler
BB2F WetLabs ECO BB2F Spectral Backscattering Meter and CDOM Fluorometer
IG-20 SBG Systems IG-20 two-axis inclinometer and three-axis accelerometer
LISST-100X Sequoia Scientific, laser in situ scattering and transmissometry particle sizer, model LISST-100X
LISST-HOLO Sequoia Scientific, submersible digital holographic particle imaging system, model LISST-HOLO
Modtronix Modtronix SBC68EC embedded single-board computer
Moxa Moxa UC8418 computer
OBS D&A Instruments Co. optical backscatter sensor
Paros Paroscientific, (Paros) Digiquartz pressure sensor
PCADP SonTek pulse-coherent acoustic doppler profiler
SEACAT Sea-Bird Electronics 16plus V2 SEACAT recorder
YSI YSI, model 6600 multiparameter sonde


α arm angle, parallel to seafloor = 0
α' vertical angle between the arm and the sensor location
° degrees
% percent
ap particulate absorption
hADV elevation of ADV above the seafloor
hLISST elevation of LISST above the seafloor
hPCADP elevation of PCADP above the seafloor
hPivot elevation of arm pivot above the seafloor
ra horizontal distance from the pivot along the arm axis
xa horizontal distance to the right (positive) or left (negative) from the center of the arm
y horizontal distance from the pivot
yp horizontal location relative to arm for sensors on articulated package on end of arm
z vertical distance from the seafloor
za vertical distance above the arm when arm is level (α=0)
zp vertical location relative to arm for sensors on articulated package on end of arm
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