U. S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 00-304

Available Digital Data and Metadata

The following table lists the digital data available on this CD-ROM.  These data are listed by chapters.  Metadata for the individual data layers may be accessed by selecting the Layer Name.  The ArcView shapefiles are available as individual component files or a zip file containing the listed files.  If the individual files are selected for download, the user must select, at minimum, the 'dbf', 'shp' and 'shx' files.  All downloaded files must be saved to the same directory.
Chapter Layer Name - Description Type ArcView Shapefiles
1 marinet - depth of the marine transgressive surface in Long Island Sound vector
zip file
marinet.dbf marinet.shp marinet.shx
marinet.avl marinet.sbn marinet.sbx
pgthkl - thickness of post-glacial sediments in Long Island Sound vector
zip file
pgthkl.dbf pgthkl.shp pgthkl.shx
pgthkl.avl pgthkl.sbn pgthkl.sbx
pgthkpol - thickness of post-glacial sediments polygon
zip file
pgthkpol.dbf pgthkpol.shp pgthkpol.shx
pgthkpol.avl pgthkpol.sbn pgthkpol.sbx
2 gravity - free-air gravity of Long Island and Block Island Sounds vector
zip file
gravity.dbf gravity.shp gravity.shx
gravity.avl gravity.sbn gravity.sbx
3 sedenvav - sedimentary environments in Long Island Sound  polygon
zip file
sedenvav.dbf sedenvav.shp sedenvav.shx
sedenvav.avl sedenvav.sbn sedenvav.sbx
4 listex - distribution of surficial sediments in Long Island Sound  polygon
zip file
listex.dbf listex.shp listex.shx
listex.avl listex.sbn listex.sbx
cst27 - medium resolution shoreline for the Long Island Sound study area vector
zip file
cst27.dbf cst27.shp cst27.shx
cst27.avl cst27.sbn cst27.sbx
5 listoc- Distribution of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in Long Island Sound polygon
zip file
listoc.dbf listoc.shp listoc.shx
listoc.avl listoc.sbn listoc.sbx
tocpnt1 - distribution of samples with TOC used to produce the listoc layer point
zip file
tocpnt1.dbf tocpnt1.shp
tocpnt1.shx tocpnt1.avl
6 chemtab1 - A summary of the surficial sample locations, metal concentrations, texture analyses, and Clostridium perfringens spores from Long Island Sound. Excel spreadsheet
Excel HTML text
Data Dictionary
Excel HTML WORD text
lisgrabs - location of grab samples collected in Long Island Sound and analyzed for metals concentrations point
zip file
lisgrabs.dbf lisgrabs.shp lisgrabs.shx
lisgrabs.avl lisgrabs.sbn lisgrabs.sbx
metals avl files - ArcView legend files classifying the lisgrabs shapefile for individual metal concentrations.  
zip file
ag.avl al.avl ba.avl ca.avl
cd.avl cr.avl cu.avl fe.avl
hg.avl mn.avl ni.avl pb.avl
ti.avl v.avl zn.avl zr.avl
7 c7tab1 - A summary of sample locations and mercury concentrations in samples from Long Island Sound. Excel spreadsheet
Excel HTML
8 c8t1cor - Core locations and Clostridium perfringens inventories. Excel spreadsheet
Excel HTML
c8t2gra - Location and C. perfringens concentration in surface sediments. Excel spreadsheet
Excel HTML
cperfloc- location of surficial sediment samples and distribution of Clostridium perfringens in Long Island Sound point
zip file
cperfloc.dbf cperfloc.shp cperfloc.shx
cperfloc.avl cperfloc.sbn cperfloc.sbx
cperf avl file - ArcView legend file classifying the cperfloc shapefile by the attribute C__perfrin.   cperf.avl
9 buzas - benthic foraminiferal samples collected by M.A. Buzas in 1965 point
zip file
buzas.dbf buzas.shp buzas.shx
buzas.avl buzas.sbn buzas.sbx
parker - benthic foraminiferal samples collected by F.L. Parker in 1952 point
zip file
parker.dbf parker.shp parker.shx
parker.avl parker.sbn parker.sbx
usgs9697 - USGS benthic foraminiferal samples collected during the time period 1996 - 1997 point
zip file
usgs9697.dbf usgs9697.shp usgs9697.shx
usgs9697.avl usgs9697.sbn usgs9697.sbx
10 benthos - detailed analysis of 35 most common species found in Long Island Sound benthic communities point
zip file
benthos.dbf benthos.shp benthos.shx
benthos.avl benthos.sbn benthos.sbx
franz - samples collected by Franz (1976) point
zip file
franz.dbf franz.shp franz.shx
franz.avl franz.sbn franz.sbx
mccall75 - samples collected by P.L. McCall (1975) point
zip file
mccall75.dbf mccall75.shp mccall75.shx
mccall75.avl mccall75.sbn mccall75.sbx
mosarea - shows the extent of the New London sidescan sonar mosaic polygon
zip file
mosarea.dbf mosarea.shp
mosarea.shx mosarea.avl
nlbenths - benthic communities found in the New London sidescan sonar mosaic study area point
zip file
nlbenths.dbf nlbenths.shp nlbenths.shx
nlbenths.avl nlbenths.sbn nlbenths.sbx
nlbenths avl files - ArcView legend files classifying the nlbenths layer by 1) species richness, and 2) communities.  
comm.avl nlsprich.avl
nlmosint - interpretation of the sidescan sonar mosaic from study area off New London, CT polygon
zip file
nlmosint.dbf nlmosint.shp nlmosint.shx
nlmosint.avl nlmosint.sbn nlmosint.sbx
pellegri - samples collected by Pellegrino and Hubbard (1983) point
zip file
pellegri.dbf pellegri.shp pellegri.shx
pellegri.avl pellegri.sbn pellegri.sbx
reidetal - samples collected by Reid, et al (1979) point
zip file
reidetal.dbf reidetal.shp reidetal.shx
reidetal.avl reidetal.sbn reidetal.sbx
sanders- samples collected by H.L. Sanders (1956) point
zip file
sanders.dbf sanders.shp sanders.shx
sanders.avl sanders.sbn sanders.sbx
specrich - sample locations and total number of species found at each station from Pellegrino and Hubbard (1983) point
zip file
specrich.dbf specrich.shp specrich.shx
specrich.avl specrich.sbn specrich.sbx



In addition to the Long Island Sound data described above, four additional data layers are included.  These data layers provide general reference data and information for the area surrounding the Long Island Sound study area.  These data are utilized in each of the individual chapter views contained in the ArcView project file.
Layer Name - Description
ArcView Shapefiles
cities- Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI) northeast cities point
zip file
cities.dbf cities.sbx cities.shx
cities.avl cities.sbp cities.shx
counties - ESRI's northeast counties polygon
zip file
counties.dbf counties.shp counties.shx counties.avl
counties.sbx counties.sbn counties.aih counties.ain
nestates- ESRI's northeast states polygon
zip file
nestates.dbf nestates.shp nestates.shx nestates.avl
rivers - ESRI's northeast rivers polyline
zip file
rivers.dbf rivers.shp rivers.shx rivers.avl

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