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Oceanographic Observations, Hudson Shelf Valley, U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 02-217

Near-Bottom Currents Sorted By
Speed and Direction

Hour-averaged and low-pass filtered current observations were sorted into speed and direction bins to provided a measure of the most persistent current speeds and directions. The current measurements are sorted into 93 different bins defined by 2 cm/s speed intervals and 22.5 degree direction intervals. To produce each table, the hour-averaged or low-pass filtered current records of a given depth were sorted into speed/direction bins bounded by the speed values along the left side of the table and the direction values along the top of the table. For example, the upper left bin would contain all currents of speeds less than 2 cm/s flowing toward compass directions between 22.5 and 67.5 degrees, or northeastward. For each bin, the table lists the percentage of the data values that lie within that bin.

Bottom Currents

Station A hour avg. low-pass
Station B hour avg. low-pass
Station C hour avg. low-pass
Station D hour avg. low-pass
Station E hour avg. low-pass
Station F hour avg. low-pass
PDF w/All Stations hour avg. low-pass

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