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Digital Mapping Techniques '00 -- Workshop Proceedings
U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 00-325


By David R. Soller (U.S. Geological Survey)

Oral Presentations

Digital Geologic Knowledge: From the Field to the Map to the Internet
By Boyan Brodaric (Geological Survey of Canada and The Pennsylvania State University)

Digital Mapping Systems for Field Data Collection
By John H. Kramer (Condor Earth Technologies, Inc.)

The U.S. Geological Survey's Revision Program for 7.5-Minute Topographic Maps
By Larry Moore (U.S. Geological Survey)

The National Geologic Map Database: A Progress Report
By David R. Soller (U.S. Geological Survey) and Thomas M. Berg (Ohio Geological Survey)

GEOLEX--The National Geologic Map Database's Geologic Names Lexicon
By Nancy R. Stamm, Bruce R. Wardlaw, and David R. Soller (U.S. Geological Survey)

Development and Public Review of the Draft "Digital Cartographic Standard for Geologic Map Symbolization"
By David R. Soller and Taryn Lindquist (U.S. Geological Survey)

Developing the National Geologic Map Database, Phase 3 -- An Online, "Living" Database of Map Information
By David R. Soller, Thomas M. Berg, and Ron Wahl

Developing the North American Geologic Map Data Model
By the North American Data Model Steering Committee

Application of a Digital Geologic Map Data Model in ArcView GIS
By Loudon R. Stanford and Vance T. MacKubbin (Idaho Geological Survey)

Prototype Implementation of the NADMSC Draft Standard Data Model, Greater Yellowstone Area
By Ronald R. Wahl and David R. Soller (U.S. Geological Survey) and Steven Yeldell (TechniGraphics Systems, Inc.)

Geology in the Terrestrial Database of the U.S. Forest Service's Natural Resource Information System (NRIS-Terra)
By Andrew H. Rorick (USDA Forest Service)

The National Park Service Digital Geologic Map Model: Transformation from Paper to Digital, Featuring Legends, Cross Sections, Map Notes, and Keyword Searchability
By Steve Fryer, Joe Gregson, Tim Connors, Anne Poole, and Bruce Heise (National Park Service)

Limitations in the Use of Map Geometry as the Foundation for Digital Geologic Database Design
By Michele E. McRae (U.S. Geological Survey)

Geomatter II: A Progress Report
By Eric Boisvert (Geological Survey of Canada), Vincent Desjardins (Recrusoft), Boyan Brodaric (The Pennsylvania State University), Brian Berdusco (Ontario Geological Survey), Bruce Johnson (U.S. Geological Survey), and Kathleen Lauzière (Geological Survey of Canada)

Using Visual Basic to Enhance ArcInfo GRID
By Chip Hankley (Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey)

Geological Map Production for Dummies
By Vic Dohar and Dave Everett (Natural Resources Canada)

GIS Data Development of the Geology of the Fort Polk Region of West-Central Louisiana
By R. Hampton Peele and Richard P. McCulloh (Louisiana Geological Survey)

Three-Dimensional Geologic Mapping of the Villa Grove Quadrangle, Douglas County, Illinois
By Curtis C. Abert, C. Pius Weibel, and Richard C. Berg (Illinois State Geological Survey)

What Visualization Contributes to Digital Mapping
By Paul J. Morin (University of Minnesota)

Metadata Tips and Tricks
By Peter N. Schweitzer (U.S. Geological Survey)

Illinois State Geological Survey Web-Based Resources: The Illinois Natural Resources Geospatial Data Clearinghouse and the ISGS Internal GIS Resources Web
By Sheena K. Beaverson and Robert J. Krumm (Illinois State Geological Survey)

The Central Publications Group Map On-Demand (MOD) System
By J.D. Hoffman (U.S. Geological Survey)

Digital Geologic Map of Utah: A Method of Presentation
By Kent D. Brown, Grant C. Willis, Douglas A. Sprinkel, and Denise Y. M. Laes (Utah Geological Survey) and Lehi F. Hintze (Brigham Young University)

Development and Compilation of Comprehensive Geospatial Data, Coastal Alabama, for Integration into the Minerals Management Service's Gulf-Wide Information System (G-WIS)
By April Lafferty and Berry H. (Nick) Tew (Geological Survey of Alabama)

Proposal for Authorship and Citation Guidelines for Geologic Data Sets and Map Images in the Era of Digital Publication
By Stephen M. Richard (Arizona Geological Survey)

NSGIC--A Resource for State Geologists
By Susan Carson Lambert (President Elect, National States Geographic Information Council)

Vendor Presentations and Contact Information
Poster Sessions

The Process of Presenting GIS Information--Making GIS User-Friendly
By Kimberly H. Sowder, Richard T. Hill, and Paul N. Irwin (Indiana Geological Survey)

Integrated Geospatial Data: Irvine 30 x 60 Minute Quadrangle, East-Central Kentucky
By Douglas C. Curl (Kentucky Geological Survey)

Digital Geologic Map of the Jackson Purchase Region, Western Kentucky
By Steven L. Martin (Kentucky Geological Survey)

Bedrock Geologic Map of the Table Rock Lake, Missouri 30 x 60 Quadrangle: A Digital Compilation
By Mark A. Middendorf (Missouri Geological Survey)

Using GIS for Visualizing Earthquake Epicenters, Hypocenters, Faults, and Lineaments in Montana
By Patrick J. Kennelly and Michael C. Stickney (Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology)

New Jersey and GIS, Perfect Together
By Zehdreh Allen-Lafayette (New Jersey Geological Survey)

Digital Geologic Map Production at the North Carolina Geological Survey
By Jeffrey C. Reid, Michael A. Medina, and Mark W. Carter (North Carolina Geological Survey)

Digital Geologic Mapping for the State of Oklahoma
By T. Wayne Furr (Oklahoma Geological Survey)

Examples of Map Production at the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries
By Paul E. Staub and Mark E. Neuhaus (Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries)

An Easy Non-GIS Method for Making 3-D Digital Terrain Illustrations Using USGS 1:24,000- and 1:250,000-Scale Digital Elevation Models and Bryce4 Software
By F. Craig Brunstein, Alex Donatich, Carol A. Quesenberry, Nancy A. Shock, and Diane E. Lane (U.S. Geological Survey)

A Washington DC Area Geologic Map Database: Working Toward Implementation of the Digital Geologic Map Data Model
By Adam M. Davis, James Reddy, and C. Scott Southworth (U.S. Geological Survey)


Appendix A: List of Workshop Attendees
Appendix B: Workshop Web Site
Appendix C: List of Addresses, Telephone Numbers, and URLs for Software and Hardware Suppliers

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by Kathie Fraser.

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